Being ‘banned’ by Twitter and Facebook, Mr. Trump set up a new social network to ‘cut the wind’

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2021-03-22 05:38:28

According to CNN, former US President Donald Trump will return to the media using his own social network after being permanently blocked by a series of sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

Longtime advisor Jason Miller and Trump campaign spokesperson for 2020 has said that the leader will return to social media within the next 2-3 months. However, he will appear with his own social networking platform to attract tens of millions of users and change the game in the US media market.

“I think this is the hottest news for social media coming here. It will completely change the game and people will wait to see what former President Trump is up to on his social media platform. own, “Mr. Miller emphasized.

According to this longtime adviser, former President Trump has been approached by many firms to discuss a new social networking platform after he was banned from companies such as Twitter or Facebook.

“This new social network will be huge. Everyone wants to see what he says and does. Former President Trump will bring tens of millions of users to the new platform,” adviser Miller said.

Mr. Miller’s statement came after former President Trump was permanently blocked by a series of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook with allegations related to protesters’ riot broke into the parliament building on June 6. / 1/2021 killed 5 people.

Before that, former President Trump was the first American leader in history to regularly use social media sites like Twitter to speak on all matters. Even more of the new American policies he updated on Twitter were faster than the official announcement.

After billionaire Trump was banned on a series of social networks, his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner tried to bring his father-in-law back to the media through other platforms such as Parler or Gab, but not yet. bring many results.

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