Bill Gates’ ex-girlfriend talks about their special relationship, not as many people think

Bill Gates’ ex-girlfriend talks about their special relationship, not as many people think


2021-05-07 17:57:44

Ann Winblad, the ex-girlfriend of billionaire Bill Gates is believed to be the cause of the broken family of Microsoft boss after 27 years of living together. The two’s unusual relationship was once the subject of so much media consumption.

Before getting married, billionaire Bill Gates called his ex-girlfriend to consult her. Besides, he also made a special deal with his wife that he would spend at least one annual vacation with his ex-girlfriend and had received the approval of Mrs. Melinda. Winblad and billionaire Bill Gates spend more than a decade relaxing in the calm, coastal bungalow every year.

Obviously, when outsiders look at, Winblad has a special place in the heart of billionaire Bill Gates. However, what is the real hidden love between the two of them so far has been controversial. Meanwhile, Ms. Winblad has repeatedly mentioned her relationship with Microsoft boss in the media.

Ann Winblad maintains a close relationship with billionaire Bill Gates.

In an interview in 2015, Ann Winblad once shared that she and Bill Gates are very close friends. According to Ms. Winblad, the Microsoft boss is an interesting person and reads more books than anyone. Ms. Winblad also praised the Bill Gates billionaire charity and praised Melinda as a very talented wife of Bill.

The woman also supported Bill Gates’ charitable initiative called the Giving Pledge, which encourages the rich to donate the majority of their wealth to charitable causes. Not only is a very close friend, a rare confidant of Mr. Bill Gates, but Mrs. Winblad is also a partner of this billionaire.

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Ann talked about her close friendship with billionaire Bill Gates in 2015.

Ms. Winblad was one of the early investors in Microsoft in the 1980s. Although the two later split up, they maintained a business relationship. In the week before Microsoft’s shares plunged, Ms. Winblad defended her best friend’s company and told CNBC: “I don’t understand why people are selling Microsoft stock. I really think it’s stocks for long-term ownership“.

According to American media, Ms. Winblad is a smart and talented businesswoman and investor. She has many similarities and interests with billionaire Bill Gates in the field of software and biotechnology. Therefore, it is understandable when the couple maintains such a special close friendship that many people become skeptical.

However, so far, despite the bad questions, Ms. Winblad and billionaire Bill Gates have remained silent, did not explain or explain and maintain a close relationship. Meanwhile, Bill Gates and his wife are completing divorce procedures and dividing their property.

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