Bill Gates “monument” in danger of collapse

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2021-05-24 03:15:04

Before the revelations in his divorce, suspicious behavior at work, and his relationship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates was only remembered as America’s beloved philanthropist and tech billionaire. . He amassed a huge fortune from co-founding Microsoft and living in a mansion worth $130 million.

However, Bill Gates is not only known for his wealth. He also drives his children to school, washes the dishes every day, dresses simply and waits in line to buy his favorite cheeseburger.

Bill Gates also regularly shares good books, participates in events on the Reddit platform and makes huge donations to charity activities. Over the past two decades, Gates and his wife have worked to expand their philanthropic network globally. They are the most influential individuals in the world.

In the business world, Bill Gates is a leading voice in disaster recovery, fighting epidemics and improving education and health systems in the poorest countries. Gates also advocates for the environment, has solutions to combat climate change, and works to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic by developing a vaccine that is accessible to all countries.

That was everything people said about Bill Gates until May 3, when he and his wife announced the end of their 27-year marriage. Not so good information quickly appeared, including a report that Bill Gates had an extramarital affair and was entangled in office relationships with Microsoft employees and people working at a charity called their spouses.

In the divorce petition, Ms Melinda said their relationship was “irreparably broken”. The question now is whether Bill Gates’ reputation suffers the same fate as his marriage.

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Over the years, people have gotten used to Bill Gates being good all the time. However, during the heyday of the Personal Computer Revolution, Gates was a ruthless nerd, berating his subordinates mercilessly, even vulgarly. He was also accused of trying to cut co-founder Paul Allen’s equity at Microsoft during cancer treatment in the early 1980s.

Before the 2000s, the name of Bill Gates was associated with many criticisms. However, the richest man in the world seems to have found it necessary to change his image in the public eye, and his vast wealth seems to have helped in that.

Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft and turned his attention to the forerunner of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation today. He and his wife have poured more than $50 billion into fighting malaria and AIDS and increasing childhood immunization rates. These contributions earned them a rain of compliments. Even in 2005, Gates appeared on the cover of TIME magazine when selected as the person of the year.

Less than a decade after Microsoft’s massive antitrust trial, Gates was invited to Capitol Hill to advise US lawmakers on technology competitiveness and health initiatives of the largest economy. world.

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Community activities funded by the Gates family’s vast wealth have helped many vulnerable populations around the globe. Besides, it also proved amazingly effective in restoring the image of Bill Gates, from a tyrannical technocrat, to a savior for the needy.

The annual letters of the Bill Gates and his wife have become more popular than the new products that Microsoft introduces. The media no longer maintains a strict view of Gates, but instead is sought after to talk about his world-changing ideas.

At TED Talk in 2015, Bill Gates attracted tens of millions of views. The books he recommends are frequently welcomed, and President Barack Obama even awarded the man the Presidential Medal of Freedom. No one can doubt the power of Bill Gates. He is not only a voice in the technology world but also very influential on important issues of the United States and the world.

At the present time, skepticism does not mean that NGOs and non-profits will stop receiving Bill Gates funding. However, the fact that Gates is rumored to have inappropriate relationships with female employees will make his organization no longer suitable for pioneering women’s empowerment. Even Gates’ relationship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein a few years ago made him no longer the right leader for the campaign against sex trafficking….

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Bill Gates has said that “the speculation surrounding his divorce has become increasingly absurd”. Conspiracy theories surrounding Bill Gates are also not uncommon and there are still people who believe in it.

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