Bill Gates officially revealed the reason he likes to use Android phones over iPhone

Bill Gates officially revealed the reason he likes to use Android phones over iPhone

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2021-04-21 17:49:48

Bill Gates has long since ceased to be directly involved in the technology sector as before, and instead focuses mainly on social work and the community. However, the influence this billionaire has on the world of technology has never diminished.

Microsoft co-founder, has repeatedly revealed that he is using an Android smartphone, probably since Microsoft’s Windows Phone project officially collapsed. If the average person says they like to use an Android phone or like to use an iPhone, no one will care. However, with a “tycoon” like Bill Gates, there will be countless questions about why he likes to use Android? Or why did he not use the iPhone? … And after years of making the model world guessing, Bill Gates finally officially revealed why he chose an Android smartphone over iOS. considered more secure and stable.

Accordingly, in a recent interview with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin on Clubhouse (hosted by CNBC), the Microsoft Co-Founder said:

“I really like to use Android phones because I want to monitor and master everything myself. Sometimes I experience the iPhone too, but what I carry with me every day is an Android phone.

Some Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software, and that makes it easier for me to get my work done. They (Android) have more flexibility when it comes to how software connects to the operating system. That is what made me feel familiar and satisfied.

In the past, there have been many “conspiracy theories” that the reason Bill Gates did not use the iPhone stems from the poor relationship between him and the late CEO Steve Jobs. However, after the disclosure above, it is clear that the CEO of Microsoft is not a “narrow” person. Gates chose Android simply because it made him feel comfortable and could help him get things done smoother.

Bill Gates clearly doesn’t say iOS is “bad,” but simply feels that Android is more suitable for him.

The Clubhouse interview is to promote Bill Gates’ new book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. In addition to sharing about Android, Gates also talked about Bitcoin and the Covid-19 epidemic.


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