Binance and luxury brand Vertu Paris launch new smartphone NFT

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2022-06-23 11:21:43

The combination of the Crypto industry giant and the world’s leading luxury brand celebrates premium beauty and innovation.

Binance becomes the official partner of luxury brand Vertu Paris

To honor the 22nd anniversary of the birth, Vertu Paris introduced the next generation of smartphones, and established a partnership with Binance. The event is the luxury brand’s way of celebrating the ultimate integration of new crypto, Web3, NFT and Smartphone.

Accordingly, Vertu Paris will exclusively release the Smartphone Vertu Constellation X UlmTM new in June 20 through the Binance platform as an integral part of the event.

Brand lovers can purchase NFT from the Vertu Paris website to own one or more designs from over 10,000 high-end Smartphones.

Constellation has an official price of about $15,000, but devices will be available online for only 5,175 USD each pcs.

How will NFT Vertu Constellation X UlmTM be represented?
How will NFT Vertu Constellation X UlmTM be represented?

Binance is one of Vertu’s luxury NFT “booths”

As revealed, there are approximately 1,000 NFTs available on the Binance NFT platform. The remaining NFTs will be sold on the decentralized platform on the Vertu Paris website.

The opening period for NFTs is extended until September 23 for these two buying options channels.

After completing the First Step: convert NFT to Vertu Constellation X ULM In fact, the customer will receive the product by February 2023 at the latest.

Or the second way, can keep the NFT and join the new Vertu 3.0 business club, which unites customers of the Vertu Paris brand with the web 3.0 community.

With a mission to make the “special” accessible, the new Vertu Constellation is the crystallization of cutting-edge technical innovation and couture craftsmanship.

* Vertu is a UK-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury, handcrafted mobile phones, founded in 1998 by Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia.

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