Binance Offers Terra Developers to Join BNB Chain

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2022-05-24 21:19:24

While Terra (LUNA) is working to rebuild what is left of it, some individuals of the once empire are gradually inclined to be swept away by other offers.

Binance encourages Terra developers to join the BNB Chain network

The collapse of Terra – the project that once reached the TOP 10 of crypto market capitalization – has caused many talented developers to follow. What happened to Terra was so fast that many people now have to look for new development opportunities. Obviously, a big man like Binance cannot ignore this quality human resource.

On May 17, the giant Binance made an announcement that it would support the Terrans – Terra’s associates – with finance and infrastructure. Promising special modes for projects moving from the Terra blockchain, including: marketing, trading and token development, community development and investment support from BNB Chain’s $1 billion fund.

The purpose of this move from the world’s leading exchange is clear. Attracting developers from potential crypto projects will help Binance expand the line of dApps built on BNB Chain. This leads to an increase in the number of active users and the popularity of the blockchain respectively.

Gwendolyn Regina, Chief Investment Officer at BNB Chain, spoke out about the idea. She says that BNB Chain is ready to support “Terran” on the way “create the next wave of innovative crypto dApps.”

One of the first names to join the BNB Chain family is Stader Labs. The staking platform launching in 2021 said it was honored to accept this invitation. Stader Labs has set a goal of 1 billion users and expressed confidence that the development on BNB Chain will help them achieve it.

In conclusion, although somewhat sympathetic to Terra’s honest and dedicated employees, it must be admitted that the battle for domination of the web3 space is extremely complicated and interesting.

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