BioShock 4 will go in an open world direction, can be set in a post-apocalyptic setting, will still invest in the same storyline as before.

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2021-04-13 09:33:25

Cloud Chamber, a game development studio working on the next BioShock project, just posted a job offer. The jobs mentioned by Cloud Chamber include AI programmer, UX / UI designer, tool developer. Besides, there are three positions that require experienced candidates: a world designer, a technical designer and a story author.

BioShock has such good storylines that … haunt the players, and it’s no wonder Cloud Chamber states: they need an author who can “bringing impressive stories, honoring characters’ values ​​into an open world“. Their main job will be writing dialogue and modifying the storyline. In addition, the storyline pen for BioShock 4 will be responsible for developing the mission, both primary and secondary, to suit the gameplay.

As an AI developer, Cloud Chamber requires one person to develop a “crowd system in the city“Next to it is”Organized tribal-style ecosystem of an AI that can aggression players“.

Cover image for the BioShock trilogy, one of the few game trilogy most appreciated by players.

Based on these requirements, we can draw some notable points:

– BioShock 4 will go in the direction of the open world.

– City setting, it seems post-apocalyptic when AI behaves in a “tribal style”.

– Will still focus on plot development and character depth.

– Cloud Chamber, a new studio set up by 2K in 2019, will take on the role of the next BioShock.

Just like with every other game, all elements are subject to change prior to release. However, it can be seen that Cloud Chamber is trying to refresh BioShock … in the old way, that is to turn the game into an open world, not to bring players into narrow alleys, small campus battles. .

BioShock 4 will go in the open world direction, can be set in a post-apocalyptic setting, will still invest in the same storyline as before - Photo 2.

We have to wait and see how Cloud Chamber can create a BioShock, if it can overcome the huge shadow of BioShock Infinite, a masterpiece released in 2013 and brought back to developer Irrational Games and home. 2K released a series of prestigious awards, accompanied by countless compliments from major newspapers such as Associated Press, CNN, Forbes, …

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