Bit Country – Create your own Metaverse world

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2021-11-23 18:42:45

With Bit Country, anyone can create their own metaverse world

Since Facebook changed the company name to Meta then the phrase metaverse (virtual universe) is more interested than ever.

You may think that Metaverse is just a game of technology giants because it sounds so big and terrible, but with Bit Country, you can create your own virtual universe without knowing it. program.

Sounds a bit “virtual”, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, Bit.Country will be the key for you to step into the Blockchain world more easily. So there is no reason for us to ignore the information of this Bit Country project.

Let’s Blackrepprt Go learn more about it in this article!

1. What is Bit Country?

Bit Country (full name is Bit.Country Metaverse Network) is a decentralized project built on the foundation of Polkadot. Here you can create your own “virtual country” where you have complete control over laws, currencies, or NFT assets…

Perhaps you are too familiar with social networks like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram … will “squeeze” the content interaction if you do not pay advertising & Bit Country was born to remove that discomfort.

As mentioned above, Bit Country aims to help anyone (especially blockchain newbies) create their community, their economy as Bit Country on the blockchain network. You are the one who sets the rules for your world and no one can control that world but you.

Bit.Country offers a new way to socialize with a gaming feel, while being fueled by the real economy. Everyone can start their own virtual world with their own interchangeable or non-fungible tokens, timeline view and 3D virtual world view.

Community owners, celebrities can use the platform to grow and engage an audience.

2. Outstanding Features Bit.Country

Bit Country is a sovereign virtual world with its own space, its own currency, and its own governance. With a system within the Bit Country platform, you can create your own country and get people involved using your preferred rules and policies and/or community governance. Grow your country and make money from the community without asking anyone else’s permission.

Block – Block

Block is the core unit of area with coordinates in a map of a country BIT. A block is a classification and contains content within a community. The content will belong to one of the blocks that make up the entire Bit Country.

Each block can also be visualized in a 3D voxel view (Dimension View). Within the property’s land, the area can be subdivided into independently owned and operated sections. In these sections, landlords can set assets to provide services, display NFTs, and run events.

Currency & Economy

Currencies serve two purposes: payments and governance. Users can create or enter their own country currency.

As a country’s community grows, that country’s currency becomes valued on an exchange. Everyone in the community will benefit from this. Countries with BITs can be auctioned off, rewarding everyone who has a stake in them.


Become a resident of Bit Country, explore and find a place that fits in terms of policies, incentives and settle down there. As a resident, you’ll have rights like the right to own land, create content, engage in business, and more.

A country BIT can establish policies for immigration, some that welcome everyone and even reward participants. While other countries may require residency registration with an application or even a fee.

A BIT country might allow non-residents to freely view content, but other activities would be restricted in this state.

Ownership and Administration

Residents of the BIT country can vote on decisions, propose new policies, etc. of the country. Setting foot in a BIT country is an investment, stakeholders can be rewarded with a share of the BIT country’s revenue based on the shares they hold and the policies of the country.


Created by the community, the terrain is realized only through voting. New potential slots are provided through on-chain logic driven by the number of BIT countries. A slot available on Continuum will then be auctioned off to the highest bidder – giving the right to take the slot with their BIT country. Once a BIT country is in Continuum, the currency is listed on the DEX and the BIT country begins to receive network rewards.

3. Roadmap

The project is only divided into phases, with no specific time:

  • State 1: Launching early access. Launch of blockchain testnet and front-end framework for public access. Develop original, original game modes.
  • Phase 2: Launching many features such as administration, ownership, … as well as improving old features. Launch a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Stage 3: Blockchain. Launched on Kusama
  • Stage 4: Cross-chain support of NFT assets. Enable continuous point auction and good proximity protocol
  • Stage 5: Launch of Parachain Bonding. Launch Parachain Bonding to get slots on Parachain.

4. Introducing Bit Country token

  • Name: Bit Country Token
  • Symbol: NUUM
  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • Contract: updating
  • Features: Bit Country currency, staking, fee paying, land tax & NFT minting

5. Development team

6. Partners and investors

Through the funding round, there are many partners who are famous funds and KOLs cooperating with Bitcountry such as: Amonica Brands, Walsh Weath Ventures, Hypersphere Ventures, Digital Financial Group, etc.

7. Conclusion

Bit Country is a rather unique project for celebrities to get closer to their fans. They can create their own rules of the game, no longer being dependent on existing social networking platforms like now. In particular, with NFT will make anti-piracy simpler than ever.

Hopefully with the above information, you have had an overview of the Bit Country project to decide whether to invest or not.

Currently, NUUM Token has not been opened for sale, but the main audience that Bit Country is targeting is singers, actors, gamers… so it is likely that a huge number of fans will participate.

Find out more about the project at:

Join the CHK group to update the information as soon as possible!

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