Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Should you invest in BitcoinCash SV?

Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Should you invest in BitcoinCash SV?


2021-03-22 10:55:09

Bitcoin Cash, the best hard-fork from Bitcoin, created a fierce conflict between the original “Satoshi Vision” and “Satoshi vision”. Among those paintings, Craig Wright (Satoshi Nakamoto) launched Bitcoin Cash SV. So what is Bitcoin SV, and how will it affect the face of Bitcoin Cash?

What is Bitcoin Cash SV?

Bitcoin Cash SV (Bitcoin Cash client – client software) created by nChain company led by Craig Wright with the official announcement at the website:

Bitcoin Cash SV is abbreviated BSV or BCHSV also known as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is a proposed hard fork version of Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. BSV is adapted to the vision of the original Satoshi (claims from the homepage) with a maximum block size increase of up to 128 MB and a focus on transaction performance only.

Where to create wallets and buy and sell Bitcoin Cash SV?

What is Bitcoin Cash SV?  Where to create wallet & buy and sell BSV Coin?  Should you invest in BitcoinCash SV?  2

Currently, BCHSV does not have an official wallet platform but is still supported for trading on most of the world’s major exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex,, Hitbtc, OKEX,….

You can buy it directly Bitcoin SV At such exchanges by VISA, Master Card with the condition that the account is verified.

There is a simpler way to own Bitcoin SV (BSV) is to buy it with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, USDT …

Follow these steps:

  • Open an account without Verify at the exchanges to get Bitcoin (BTC) wallet addresses. Find your Bitcoin wallet in the Deposit Widthrawal section of your account.
  • Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in VND at the Vietnamese exchanges and load it directly into the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet at the exchange you just opened an account.
  • Access the BTC / BSV or BSV / BTC pair to buy Bitcoin SV at the ask price or sell BTC at the bid price, after a few seconds your Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet will have enough coin. deal. You can also bid higher or lower than the bid / ask price and wait a long time for the order to be matched with a profit.

You should choose large-scale exchanges that allow trading of multiple cryptocurrency pairs to avoid a fee when transferring coins to another wallet.

Should or should not invest in BSV?

Bitcoin SV was established about 3 months ago with many comments that it was the fight with Bicoin Cash ABC that triggered the 6k bottom breakout that created a new bottom of Bitcoin, bringing the crypto market to a new page. Bitcoin SV’s rally was driven by the good news and a partnership with Coingeek, but Bitcoin ABC is essentially the winner by having mined twice as many blocks as Bitcoin SV. Crypto market is currently being sold off and is falling into a period of heavy crisis. The context of US-China trade tensions pushes up risks. Crypto Being the top risky investment channel, the first face-off is said to be quite understandable.

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