Bitcoin falls from the threshold of 20,000 USD

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2022-06-21 17:11:48

Bitcoin has just lost the $20,000 mark on the afternoon of June 18 after the continuous decline of this currency and the entire cryptocurrency market for more than a month. Although it still maintained the $20,000 mark until this afternoon, BTC suddenly dropped to $19,197 around 3 p.m., leaving open the possibility of entering the $18,000 price zone – the lowest level forecast a few weeks ago. .

Bitcoin price suddenly plugged in on the afternoon of June 18 (CoinMarketCap screenshot)

The new price of Bitcoin causes this coin to lose up to 34.38% of its value in just the past week. Thus, whoever “bottomed” BTC 7 days ago is currently losing about a third of his investment, which means for every $1,000, he will lose $344.

As the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, the devaluation of Bitcoin led to the collapse of the entire market. In just 24 hours, all global coins lost 7.24% of their value, only 841 billion USD, losing the 1 trillion USD mark quite far.

On Twitter, user Papa_beppino wrote: “Get your money out of the market, don’t waste your future. The price of all cryptocurrencies will fall without stopping, now is not the time to buy.” The tweet received hundreds of comments and likes.

Some people predict that Bitcoin may go to $10,000, some even think that this currency will break the $8,000 mark in August or September.

Previously, BTC was seen as an anchor for crypto market participants accounts because of its stability and traction. But until now, this digital currency, plus Ethereum, is depreciating higher than other “top coins”.

While BTC and ETH lost 35% and 40% respectively compared to 7 days ago, BNB, SOL, Near lost about 31.6%, 25.5%, 32% respectively. Some well-known coins such as Doge, GMT (StepN), AXS (Axie Infinity) also withdraw from investor wallets at least 30% each.

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