Bitcoin price is back to March record, what is happening with the coin

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2021-04-02 12:11:23

(CHK) After a long “slide” slope, the price of the digital currency Bitcoin started to recover and hit a record in March.

About 2 weeks ago, many investors have been worried about the evolution of the digital currency Bitcoin. It seems that this coin will soon bubble, but it seems to be gradually regaining a record value of $ 60,000.

The crypto market shows signs of recovery.

Specifically, in the first trading session of April, the price of Bitcoin returned to the $ 60,000 mark. The reason for the Bitcoin price recovery is due to the positive news in the US that affects the session of Asian investors. Goldman Sachs announced that it will launch a digital investment channel for customers within the next 3 months. Meanwhile, BlackRock has spent $ 6.5 million on Bitcoin futures in early 2021. The value of the contract has increased by $ 360,000 by the time of the report.

Elon Musk creates a force to help push the price of digital currency to soar.

Bitcoin’s price rise has contributed to push other digital currencies up. Elon Musk is not out of the virtual currency game, the Tesla CEO has pumped the virtual currency with a provocative tweet, pulling the Dogecoin to skyrocketing with towering buying power.

After peaking at $ 60,000 per Bitcoin on March 14, the coin started to fall. Due to psychology of fear of bursting bubbles, many investors take profits. That is why this digital currency turns back to decrease. Currently, no investors or experts can confirm the next movement of this currency.


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