Bitcoin won’t stop at $ 100k, by the end of the year it will hit utopia

Bitcoin won’t stop at $ 100k, by the end of the year it will hit utopia


2021-03-25 05:45:40

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PlanB, the well-known cryptocurrency analyst on twitter with more than 328,000 followers, has said that bitcoin has plenty of room to grow and that this year’s momentum will certainly not stop at $ 100,000.

The name PlanB is no stranger to the crypto investment community, on its personal twitter page PlanB regularly updates BTC price movements and gives medium and long-term comments for this coin.

Job bitcoin price Moving sideways below both recent highs of $ 58,300 and $ 61,700, investors are curious about the year’s high that bitcoin will reach.

Recently in a tweet, PlanB said that based on the S2FX model, the price of BTC will not stop at the $ 100,000 mark as many predicted earlier … but can reach $ 288,000 this December.

PlanB says: “Compared to previous growth cycles, 2021 is just beginning. Bitcoin’s rally has only been going for 3.5 months… so it still has plenty of room to go to higher milestones.

However, PlanB says December’s $ 288,000 figure is just the average Bitcoin could hit.

“I believe the peak of this cycle can double the number I give, potentially exceeding 576,000 USD”

Price prediction btc model s2fx

Another analyst, nicknamed Rekt Capital, agrees with PlanB’s above stance and notes that “Right now bitcoin is following the Stock-to-Flow Pattern perfectly. Bitcoin has yet to go astray… such signs suggest that bitcoin’s uptrend is still ahead. ”

stock to flow pattern chart

PlanB emphasized that there will be many surprises this December. In recent tweets, PlanB also noted to investors that bitcoin’s bull run will “go on for a few more months”, so investors may consider further.

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