Black Adam or Hawkman, who is the most “cold-blooded” warrior in the DC Universe?

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2022-06-23 23:20:51

As far as we know from the original comics, Hawkman and Black Adam are old acquaintances. The two have known each other since ancient Egypt. Through many incarnations, Hawkman has always had an uncompromising attitude towards anything that stands in his way. At the same time, Black Adam is no less, at least and in terms of the superpowers he possesses, in the original he has fought some of DC’s most powerful heroes and villains without no fear. He is also known to be a brutal and tyrannical warrior, Black Adam has eaten cannibals for survival in the past.

Hawkman’s signature strength lies in his wings made of Nth metal, allowing him to easily fly both to dodge attacks and to attack enemies with his great physical strength. Because he has been reincarnated many times, but Carter still retains the memories of his past lives, thereby gradually perfecting to the point of mastering many fighting techniques as well as many different weapons.

Accordingly, when the two confront each other in Black Adam: The Dark Age #3 (by Doug Mahnke and Peter Tomasi), as originally predicted, this will be an extremely brutal fight between two characters with a a tendency to be uncompromising as well as unmerciful.

The fight kicks off on this predictable level of brutality, with both heroes unleashing bone-chilling blows at each other, as Hawkman strikes with his mace, and Black Adam responds with a grab. anything within reach to smack an old friend. Interestingly, however, when they did the air fight, Hawkman’s mace was destroyed by Black Adam with his bare hands, Black Adam hit him, then tore off one of Hawkman’s wings and followed him. had to receive the end of losing to the champion who possessed the power of 6 Egyptian gods.

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Interestingly, the air combat was supposed to be to Hawkman’s advantage, but he still couldn’t win. Flying is what Hawkman does and has been doing for thousands of years. If anyone feels comfortable in the air, it’s Hawkman. In contrast, Black Adam can fly, but he usually only uses it as a way to move. However, it is a fact that Black Adam is completely superior to Hawkman in terms of attacks. Carter Hall had bad luck when he encountered Black Adam in his quest to revive Isis – his love.

Black Adam or Hawkman, who is the most brutal warrior in the DC Universe?  - Photo 3.

Black Adam is a fictional anti-hero appearing in DC Comics, created by Otto Binder and CC Beck, the character is one of the arch-enemies of the superhero Shazam. Black Adam’s powers are essentially derived from the ancient sorcerer Shazam – who endowed him with the powers of the Egyptian gods, including Shu, Hershef, Amon, Zehuti, Anpu, and Menthu, making him the a danger to any superhero who wants to confront him.

Even more remarkable is that in this fight, Black Adam also proved to be superior to Hawkman in another point: that is the ruthlessness in battle.

Hawkman first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (1940), and was the featured character in that title throughout the 1940s. This Hawkman is Carter Hall, an incarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince. Hall discovered that the mysterious “ninth metal” (later simply changed to “the Nth metal”) could manipulate the effects of gravity and allow him to fly. He also has a companion hawk named Big Red that has aided him in fighting crime.

The Black Adam, like Billy Batson, when he transforms into Black Adam with the spell “SHAZAM!” and can use the superpowers given by the 6 Egyptian gods. These include: Shu (God of Wind with invincible strength), Heru (God of the sky, war and hunting with super speed), Amon (God of protection of the Pharaohs bestowed with abundant physical strength). ), Zehuti (God of incomparable wisdom), Aton (gives Black Adam the power of thunder), Mehen (Snake God with the power of courage). Like many other characters possessing abundant physical strength, Black Adam can completely be inferior to superheroes using proficient magic. In addition, if “sword locked”, Black Adam will not be able to transform or summon thunder – moves that require chanting “Shazam!”.

Initially, Black Adam, with the original being Teth-Adam – an Egyptian slave, was a gentle boy, given the power and ability by the witch Shazam, inherited from the 6 Egyptian gods. Possessing great power, Black Adam spawned ghosts and caused many terrible things: usurped the Pharaoh, eliminated the Eternal Council, and finally was imprisoned by Shazam for 4,500 years in the most distant star in the galaxy. . After being banished, Black Adam returns and is determined to find Shazam for revenge.

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