BlackBerry ‘legend’ returns with 5G smartphone, physical keyboard, running Android 12

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2022-01-10 22:39:06

The once cult brand name ‘BlackBerry’ has sunk into oblivion. However, recently posted a hidden poster about Blackberry’s mobile device that will be released in 2022.

In fact, BlackBerry has licensed Onward Mobility to launch Blackberry-branded phones in August 2020. However, in a recent blog post, Onward Mobility shared that 2021 is a challenging year, making it impossible for the company to launch a new mobile device.

And for now, perhaps the time is ‘ripe’ for Onward Mobility to continue its mission of launching BlackBerry’s first 5G-enabled phone, while also releasing timely updates for ‘5G super secure smartphone aimed at businesses‘ starts this month.


Thus, the smartphone branded with Black Strawberry will be aimed at businesses with high security. Not only supporting 5G, the device will also come with physical buttons, which is the strength of BlackBerry. However, other information about the configuration as well as the design is still unknown. In addition, the device is likely to operate on the Android 12 platform.

The device is expected to be launched in many markets such as North America, Europe and Asia. Accompanying partners such as FIH Mobile and Foxconn.

Are you looking forward to this return of BlackBerry and Onward Mobility?


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