Blockbuster Morbius releases a new trailer, filled with “hearing” related to Venom, Spider-Man and the MCU!

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2021-11-23 18:36:20

After nearly 2 years since the release of the first teaser, until now, Sony has revealed the next trailer for Morbius – one of the important blockbusters contributing to the creation of a cinematic universe dedicated to Spider-Man. family (Spider-Verse). And besides the story of the origin of the vampire doctor Michael Morbius, it is true that Sony also “treaked” some details related to Spidey, Venom and even the MCU.

[Vietsub] The latest Morbius trailer pushes Dr. Vampire between the lines of a hero and a villain.

Morbius revolves around the story of a doctor, a scientist of the same name (played by Jared Leto) who suffers from a rare blood disease, and is counting down the days to death. However, he still holds out hope, even the faintest, of finding a cure, even when he has to try the most dangerous and unbelievable ways, such as exposing a swarm of bats. own blood.

Somehow, after that horrible experiment, Morbius possessed many of the superpowers of vampires. Instead of being a thin, sick guy, his strength, speed and all of his senses are greatly enhanced, beyond the limits of ordinary people. Not only that, Morbius’ appearance is also changed every time he uses his superpower, becoming more terrifying with long pointed fangs, flat nose, pale skin like a bat. In addition, he also has to constantly suck blood to maintain his life, and will not care about anything happening around him while “eating”.

The trailer above also shows that Morbius’ life was completely turned upside down after his illness was treated. Half of the city wants to kill him because of the powers he possesses, the other half wants to befriend and control him to serve the dark conspiracy. Between the lines of a hero and a villain, only Morbius can decide for himself what to do, will sacrifice himself to save people as a doctor’s sacred duty, or ruthlessly sweep. humanity to satisfy the bloodlust of a ferocious vampire.

The trailer shows Morbius standing between the lines of good and evil after accidentally possessing the terrifying superpowers of vampires.

An interesting point is that in the new trailer, Morbius joked that he was Venom after punishing a criminal. Also, the return of Daily Bugle, the newspaper for which Eddie Brock is working on Venom: Let There Be Carnage shows that these two films belong to the same cinematic universe. In addition, Adrian Toomes/Vulture, the main antagonist in Spider-Man: Homecoming will also appear in Morbius.

Meanwhile, Venom has “traveled” to the MCU and may be featured in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home blockbuster later this year. The connection between the two cinematic universes of Sony and Marvel is becoming more and more obvious. We do not know what they are planning, but it will certainly be extremely monumental projects and worth looking forward to.

Blockbuster Morbius releases a new trailer, filled with hearings related to Venom, Spider-Man and the MCU!  - Photo 3.

The drawing of Spider-Man on the streets of New York also reappears in this trailer.

As expected, Morbius will be released in January 2022, but Sony has not set a specific time.

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