Blockchain Alliance Launch Event

Blockchain Alliance Launch Event


2021-03-28 03:54:45

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2018 can be said to be a turbulent year for the cryptocurrency brothers, the market is bloody and continuously decreased from the beginning of the year until now, making many traders and holders fidgety, but not so we lost confidence in the market and especially about Blockchain. Over the past few days, we have heard many news about technology 4.0, blockchain technology and the practical applications of blockchain in life. In tune with that trend, Vietnam Blockchain Hub – a major and in-depth blockchain event is about to take place in Ho Chi Minh City, this event is launched with a handshake from more than 10 major blockchain communities in Vietnam, And if you have a special interest in blockchain, you should not ignore this event.

VietNam Blockchain Hub decided to give 200 tickets for free to CHK readers. To join, you register in the form below

Key Points cannot be ignored in Vietnam Blockchain Hub 2018

At the event, you will listen and interact with more than 50 famous speakers, they are leaders of the new economies that will form in the future, They will exchange inspirational ideas about opinions. investment, on the blockchain ecosystem and the practical application of blockchain, …

Vietnam Blockchain Hub 2018

  • If you are an investor: You can meet the founders of your own company and gain investment insights. Exchange market views with colleagues together.
  • If you are an Entrepreneur, Business Owner: this is the best marketing and market expansion opportunity
  • If you are the media: this is the place for you to reach out to friendly readers, increase engagement with your audience, and maybe meet policymakers and decision-makers …

Event Detailed Schedule

Looking through the event details, you can see that this event has the presence of Daniel HellerFormer executive director of the International Monetary Fund (2013-2016) Along with many famous speakers, will discuss the global transformation in the era of industrial revolution 4.0, and how blockchain technology affects life! Daniel With many years of experience working in the banking sector, he spends a lot of time researching the impact of emerging technologies such as Blockchain on financial systems, financial stability and central banking.

Also in the chain of events is ceremony to announce the establishment of the Vietnam Blockchain Alliance, is expected to be the most prominent highlight attracting a lot of attention from the community as well as the media.

  • Period: September 24 and 25, 2018 (mostly 25 days)
  • Location: Riverside Palace, 360D Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Event Website:

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