Blockchain can be used for post-translation logistics of Covid-19 in the US

Blockchain can be used for post-translation logistics of Covid-19 in the US


2021-03-22 07:51:57

The US government agency’s COVID-19 report cites Blockchain as a tool to solve the logistics problems of the crisis.

Researchers propose to apply Blockchain to solve logistics problems arising after the pandemic.

A US government agency focused on information technology and cybersecurity has published a report on lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic – including how Blockchain can help solve problems. logistics.

Report has a title “Building a more sustainable IT supply chain: Lessons learned in the COVID-19 pandemic” published by a working group formed to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic is still raging in the US and some other countries.

The report released on November 6 aims to “understand and document the effects of a pandemic on an organization’s supply chain systems”. Besides, the agency is studying possible ways to restore the supply chain after the epidemic.

The report states that:

“During a pandemic, almost every mode of transportation in the region was affected. To reduce the impact of transport and logistics problems, technology companies can participate in planning for different possible scenarios. From there, propose alternatives for the best possible recovery of the supply chain.

To further support these efforts, companies can use technology platforms that provide Blockchain visibility in real time, to apply to existing logistics capabilities. ”

The report did not provide platform specific information on which platform was applicable. But this is a sign of how new technology is being brought to life to deal with post-pandemic consequences and emerging logistics problems.

In another development, a bill by the US Congress has been proposed that seeks to adopt a Blockchain-focused solution to track supply held by the National Strategic Reserve. The core argument of the bill is that the pandemic has significantly reduced national supply and greater visibility to blockchain adoption will help authorities react more effectively.

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Blockchain technology is designed to help you transfer digital assets (such as currencies), without the intervention of an intermediary (such as a bank). Ignoring intermediaries means transactions will be expedited faster and less costly.

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