BNB Chain shake hands with Google to open the future for Web3

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2022-09-24 02:37:14

BNB Chain – a blockchain smart contract closely linked to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance – has announced a partnership with Google Clouds to accelerate the development of Web3 and Blockchain projects.

The strategic partnership will include providing underlying infrastructure, cloud credits, and mentoring to Web3 and blockchain startups. This is also considered a move to compete with Facebook / Meta for web 3.0 development.

The future of Web3: a partnership between BNB Chain and Google Clouds

The project lays the foundation to change everything and aims to bring projects of unprecedented quality and high reliability so that the public will appreciate these new technologies and attract old investors. and just poured resources into the industry.

This partnership between the two giants delivers on-chain data analytics and information encryption through Mountain View Clouds, an industry leader and secure, open source infrastructure. and expandable.

Gwendolyn Regina, chief investment officer at BNB Chain, said:

“Google Cloud is a great Web2 player and has really done a lot of things on Web3. It is important that we only work with great players who have great visions and have the same DNA and the same vision.”

Google actively participates in the field of Web3

Earlier this year, Google Cloud added a cryptomining malware threat detection service and launched a new group dedicated to digital assets. The company also shows a strong signal that it wants to enter a young but potential field: Web3.

There are already more than 1,300 active dApps (decentralized applications) in the BNB Chain ecosystem – arguably the largest smart contract blockchain in terms of volume, transactions, and users in Web3. Binance explains:

“The strategic partnership will enable early-stage Web3 and blockchain startups to develop and scale high-performance, efficient, and sustainable innovations for users and the industry as a whole.”

Then, according to the tweet from CEO Changpeng Zhao, shared with the community on September 18
Then, according to the tweet from CEO Changpeng Zhao, shared with the community on September 18

The goal of the new cooperation

The Google Cloud Startup Support Program, which will facilitate access to BNB Web3 developers and Binance’s most valuable partners, will initially be dedicated to approximately 150 projects that will receive “rights quick access” as part of a BNB-focused accelerator program.

“We look forward to partnering with BNB Chain to provide Web3 builders with the cleanest cloud infrastructure to develop and scale their applications. This builds on our existing work to support customer needs in developing, trading, maintaining value and delivering new products on blockchain-based platforms.” – James Tromans, director of Web3 Google Clouds said.

Gwendolyn Regina, chief investment officer of BNB Chain, emphasized:

“By partnering with Google Cloud, we can help Web3 builders access the open, secure, and carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure needed to strengthen and scale their businesses. their.”

But for the community, their expectations come from the fact that this project belongs to two Tech Giants.

“I used Google Clouds to track blockchain activity and calculate Token distribution. It can be expensive but it’s worth it. – A user named Techoshi777 shared.

The development of the world Web3

The development of the world Web3
The development of the world Web3

While there may still be aspects like cost, service, and security, both Google and BNB Chain are on the right track. Google looks to the growth of Web3 projects, Blockchain, and continues efforts to improve security. For example, to strengthen the security and safety of its blockchain network, Ronin has started a new partnership with Vietnam-based Sky Mavis – the company behind the game Axie Infinity.

So far, Google Clouds has provided tools for developers to build blockchain networks. The clients include Dapper Labs, Hedera and Thera Labs while integration for on-chain data analysis was done by Polygon.

The world of Web3 and Blockchain is now making great strides with greater expansion and awareness. This opens up new opportunities, is the basis of cooperation and is evident in the hundreds of new projects that are born every day.

NFT, Gaming, Crypto are incubators of capable, visionary people who combine skills and resources (both in terms of time, know-how and economics) to deliver important results that benefit the community. and lead to a new future.

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