Brave “should do it” when users are increasingly concerned about privacy

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2021-03-22 04:33:40

Millions of Google Chrome users have opted to switch to Brave, a privacy-focused browser.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. However, privacy issues are causing Chrome to lose users.

Brave – The emerging rival of Google Chrome

Google Chrome, considered the “king” browser over the past decade, has more or less cornered the market with billions of users around the world.

Chrome competitors like Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla’s Firefox, have so far been unable to convince users to leave Google. However, as privacy comes to the fore, many loyal Chrome users are slowly switching to other browsers.

An emerging Chrome rival, Brave – a privacy-focused, crypto-powered browser – says it has drawn 20 million users from apps like Chrome, FireFox and Safari. Accordingly, the number of Brave users increased by 130% in just one year as people prioritized more privacy.

CEO Brave Brendan Eich shared:

“Users were fed up with surveillance capitalism and 20 million people turned to Brave for a whole new web ecosystem with a free-to-choose advertising economy. We help users take control of their browsing experience. ”

Brave announced that it will “straighten up” blocking advertisers and trackers everywhere through its Brave Shields feature. This is the browser default feature to block third-party ads, trackers, auto-play videos, and fingerprints of the device.

Eich also shared:

“The privacy movement is receiving huge attention globally and this milestone is just a new step in the journey to making default privacy the standard for all web users.”

Browser focused on user privacy

Brave boasts 20.5 million monthly active users, up from 8.7 million in November 2019 and 7 million daily active users, up from 3 million just 12 months ago.

Brave number of monthly and daily active users.

The number of people known as Brave verified content creators – including YouTuber Philip DeFranco – has also grown to almost 1 million. This number has risen from 300,000 last year.

Unlike Chrome and most other browsers, Brave rewards users for viewing ads with BAT tokens. Users can then donate tokens to content creators on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, GitHub and similar sites. To date, 26 million BAT tokens have been donated. Users can also choose when to watch ads and receive 70% of revenue.

In March, Brave filed a formal complaint against Google with Ireland’s General Data Protection Regulatory Enforcement – where Google is headquartered in Europe. Accordingly, Brave accused Google of acting irresponsibly with the way they collect and share personal data of users.

According to Forbes

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