Breakthrough on ambitious ideas

Breakthrough on ambitious ideas


2021-04-19 13:59:26

Raising the diamond cutting edge design

The look of a laptop is always a factor to attract customers and with business laptops, design is even more important. So, to get the world’s thinnest 15-inch laptop, Dell’s developers have put in the design the differences, so that the machine just has “weight” at first sight. just ensure the criteria of the original idea.

To do that, the Latitude 9510 laptop has chosen a diamond-cut edge design, which helps the machine add an edge, sharp but create a slender, sturdy one. Even each cut and grinding is meticulously machined, to create a shiny, smooth, enhance the light-catching effect, making the machine look like a true diamond of the technology world. To increase the perfection, details such as the screen cable, the surrounding connection drives are also meticulously cared for to achieve the necessary sophistication, commensurate with the overall overall.

In particular, the machine has a luxurious gray gray color – the default color of luxury, increasing the efficiency of the diamond edge design. Dell has proven its prowess in laptop design but still retains its spirit, which is resilience, strength, and stability. With the thinness of the Latitude 9510, this spirit is still exuded, perfectly suited to those looking for sustainability and ready for change.

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Screen bezels are minimized

Not only impressing visually with the Latitude 9510 design also really made a breakthrough when the weight is only 1.4kg – an impressive weight in the 15-inch segment. This is a blood line with a fairly large size, but thanks to InfinityEdge technology – the screen border is minimized, helping to reduce excess details and optimize the use of the machine.

Masterpieces of technology hidden inside

With the top notch design, the details inside the Latitude 9510 are also well-deserved when integrating today’s world’s most advanced technologies. First of all, powerful Intel 10th generation processors, which challenge every specialized software, help entrepreneurs handle their work smoothly, minimizing the risks of interruptions or malfunctions. use process. Support for this processor is up to 16GB of RAM and supports up to 1T of the standard PCI-E slot to increase data retrieval performance, giving customers peace of mind when owning a machine with infinite capacity. Bigger, can store all the important information of the business.

To protect information, Latitude 9510 is equipped with vPro for remote management and TPM security chip. Depending on their habits, customers can configure this function with a Smart Card, fingerprint reader and infrared camera for Windows Hello. Therefore, in the context of increasing cybercrime, Dell always accompanies customers in protecting personal data and information as well as reducing the risk of property appropriation.

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The Latitude 9510 delivers the ultimate business experience

With that, the experience with the Latitude 9510 is also enhanced with Dell’s own set of functions. Entrepreneurs can easily control the machine according to habits with ExpressResponse, ExpressSign-in, save operating time, log in or easily charge the battery with ExpressCharge that speeds up the maximum charging speed. In addition, components such as keyboards and touchpads also create significant advantages thanks to a compact, smooth design that ensures every movement is precisely according to the customer’s wishes.

If you need to use graphics software, Latitude 9510 with Intel UHD – score 1,068 on 3DMark Fire Strike synthetic graphics benchmark can completely support customers. In addition, heat dissipation technologies, battery life are also enhanced to keep up with this modern movement.

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