BreederDAO continues to establish partnerships with over 300 Gaming Guilds

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2022-04-20 00:33:43

BreederDAO continues to establish partnerships with over 300 unique Gaming Guilds in the blockchain space.

BreederDAO continues to establish partnerships with over 300 Gaming Guilds

An overview of the history of the gaming guild

While the Play-to-Earn (P2E) blockchain gaming space has seen a huge increase in the number of gaming guilds joining over the past time, when it comes to origins, gaming guilds have actually existed for a very long time. A fairly common way, gamers often contact colleagues or like-minded friends with similar interests to create a gaming guild.

Gaming guilds, on the other hand, act as an open social hub where gamers can interact, share ideas, freely unleash themselves and connect with each other based on common interests. They will form a group, team or alliance, strategize, pool resources and join forces to defeat opponents in tough game battles.

Role of gaming guilds for BreederDAO

BreederDAO always believes that meeting the needs of P2E gamers is to connect, understand and support them to promote and develop in accordance with their intrinsics. BreederDAO not only partners with leading blockchain games but also focuses on developing a quality community through handshakes with a series of Gaming Guilds – which are strong representatives of the voice of the majority of players.

BreederDAO has established official partnerships with over 300 unique gaming guilds. Among them, there are some big names to mention such as:

  • YGG
  • YGG Japan
  • IndiGG
  • Unix Gaming
  • Astra Guild
  • AcadArena
  • Good Games Guild
  • BAYZ
  • Earn Guild
  • Ready Player Knife
  • PathDAO
  • Crypto Gaming United
  • Balthazar NFT Gaming
  • Quest Gamers
  • OLA Guild
  • DoublePeak
  • Ancient8
  • Digistrats
  • GrowYourBase
  • Kratos
  • Xelements
  • Impact Realm
  • Jambo Guild Africa
  • Troy Guild
  • Cosmic Guild
  • LCA Gaming Guild
  • GamerSpeak
  • AMG Guild
  • Babymoon Gaming House
  • Real Deal Guild
  • Crimson Guild
  • Team Satoshi
  • InvaderDAO
  • BlitzLabs

In the future, BreederDAO will continue to make efforts in networking, building new relationships in the field of P2E.

About BreederDAO

BreederDAO is a large-scale production of digital assets dedicated to Play-to-Earn and Metaverse titles.

Learn more about BreederDAO: Website | Twitter | Telegram

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