Bring the whole ‘cinema’ to your home!

Bring the whole ‘cinema’ to your home!


2021-07-28 07:16:57

As you know, AQUA is a famous refrigeration company in the Vietnamese market with hit products such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers and has gained a firm foothold in the hearts of fans throughout many years. past year. Following those successes, in 2021, the company will enter the electronics industry and bring us impressive TV lines in both features and price.

More specifically, all 3 product lines AQUA TV S6 Series, 6600 Series, 6610 Series recently launched by AQUA are aimed at different segments with 4K, Full HD, HD screen options. good for most consumers in Vietnam at an affordable price.

Stylish design with ultra-thin screen bezel

In order to bring to the market the most impressive TV models in each segment, AQUA spends a lot of time investing in production technology. And now, we can experience TVs with the most trendy and modern design from AQUA.

The ultra-thin screen border is only 0.3mm, equipped for most of the size segments from 32 inches to 65 inches, significantly outperforming other TVs on the market, especially mid-range TVs from brands. Other manufacturers with “thick” screen borders are not very impressive. With an ultra-thin screen border design, you will have a great viewing experience like a “mini” cinema with almost full display space.

Especially for high-end product lines such as the S6 Series QLED 4K TV, AQUA is more meticulous in every design line, such as the edge is finished with high-grade stainless metal material, bringing the equality. Classy, ​​sophisticated for your home or room. The sturdy base with stainless steel alloy material not only helps the S6 Series enhance its premium appearance, it also helps this “massive” TV stand on flat surfaces firmly, without any problems. wobble, lack of certainty.

Display quality is always the top factor for AQUA to impress users at first sight. And so is the S6 Series QLED 4K, with a series of technologies applied by AQUA to its audio-visual equipment, users will live in the most “real” space with extremely sharp details.

True-to-life images with Quantum Dot . quantum dot technology

Quantum Dot HQLED 4K (3840×2160 pixels) quantum dot technology display delivers 8.3 million pixels, providing you with true-to-life movies, with 4 times the definition of Full HD. Combined with Wide Color Gamut technology to provide a wide color range, colors are displayed almost fully with coverage up to 90%, color gamuts are also smoothly converted, enhancing the aesthetics of images. . Combined with the HDR Plus contrast range, it enhances the sharpness and contrast of the display, helping to feel every line and detail hidden deep inside the image, providing a top-notch and impressive entertainment experience. .

Dolby Digital surround sound processing technology

AQUA S6 Series QLED 4K is also equipped with Dolby Digital surround sound technology, which not only brings the whole “cinema” to your home with top-notch display quality, but also provides multi-dimensional, seamless sound quality. circuit, giving you the real feeling of sitting in a theater.

And yet, the company also equipped the dbx-tv sound processing system to the high-end product line to fine-tune each timbre, filter out noise, deliver pure bass sounds, fully reproduce the details. smallest detail. The soundbar built into the TV with 6 speakers with a capacity of up to 26W, even at the highest volume, the sound quality of the S6 Series QLED 4K still ensures incredible authenticity and clarity.

Support AI logically and serve real needs

Thanks to built-in AI artificial intelligence, AQUA S6 Series QLED 4K has the ability to recognize voices more accurately, even distinguish local voices, and handle tasks and requests fast and extremely smoothly. in just a few seconds. As a result, the user experience is raised to a new level, much more modern and professional than the products available on the market.

When trying the feature of using the TV’s voice in different regions of North, Central, and South – S6 Series QLED 4K is easily recognized to handle the task. Users do not need to spend time searching by entering keywords with the remote. This feature will also be useful for older people because it is both friendly and easy to use, without knowing much about technology or having visual inconvenience.

In the future, AQUA also hopes to turn the TV into an IoT connection center for home devices, forming a complete smart home ecosystem. You can command to turn on or off lights, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators… through voice.

Entertainment experience

AQUA S6 Series QLED 4K will operate on the intelligent Android 9.0 operating system with high customization capabilities and a huge application store. It is expected to be upgraded to the latest version of Android 11 in October 2021. Not only S6 Series QLED 4K TVs, all Aqua TVs have built-in applications such as Aqua Smart-Matrix, Netflix, Youtube, FPT Play, NCT, Google Play, Google Assistant, Chromecast, etc.

In addition, AQUA also offers a family entertainment package up to nearly 1.4 million VND. Specifically, when buying AQUA TV, users will be given a VIP NCT package (My Music) of VND 799,000, and a Family member package of FPT 600,000 VND. With a rich content repository, users will be immersed in an endless entertainment space, promising to bring you from one surprise to another.

In the context of the epidemic, public entertainment activities are postponed, AQUA S6 Series QLED 4K will be the leading solution to help you immerse yourself in vivid, realistic frames, giving you moments of entertainment. comfortable position.

Origin & Warranty

As you know, with high quality production line in Malaysia. All TV lines at AQUA meet the standards, technical quality and strict testing before importing CBU to Vietnam. Electronic components are also selected and used according to international standards, meeting the needs of customers.

Accompanying with a warranty package of up to 3 years, users in Vietnam can rest assured to experience the product and always receive dedicated support and care from AQUA.

Refer to detailed information about Aqua Smart TV products here


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