Bucky Barnes’s Vibranium arm possesses one of the coolest powers of the Black Panther

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2021-04-08 14:07:35

Bucky Barnes received a metallic arm (Vibranium) during his eight refugees in Wakanda, as a weapon prepared to fight against Thanos’ army. After the events of Endgame, he continues to keep it for use when needed, though Bucky himself is keen to leave his assassin years behind. And the latest episode of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier shows that, in addition to the ability to fight, his metal arm also possesses one of the coolest abilities of the Black Panther: It is absorbing and releasing. very strong energy.

Specifically, in the scene where Zemo took Bucky and Sam Wilson to a bar in the island city of Madripoor, all three had to perform the perfect play possible to get the information they wanted about the Power Broker. At this time, Bucky reluctantly “turns on” Winter Soldier mode, returns to his image of a ruthless assassin and messes with others to make the people around him from suspicions. It can be seen that the stripe pattern on his metal arm is brighter than usual, just like when Killmonger stole the Black Panther armor and released a shock wave is also yellow. Wakanda should not be surprised when they have equipped it with a similar feature, it’s just that Bucky has never used it, or has not been clearly shown on screen.

Bucky’s metal arm can absorb and release energy.

Like Bucky, T’Challa, king of Wakanda, also possesses strong fighting ability and also confronted him directly during the Civil War. In addition, T’Challa is also “buffed” in strength beyond ordinary people thanks to a special herb in Wakanda, accompanied by a modern Black Panther armor made from Vibranium, one of the tough metals. most in the Marvel universe.

In Ryan Coogler’s manga version of Black Panther, T’Challa’s sister Shuri upgraded the suit with nanotechnology, and equipped it with the ability to absorb, store and release lower energy. shock wave form to attack enemies. That detail was cleverly brought to the screen by the Marvel Studios production team through intense fights, and this time perhaps they have fitted it up Bucky’s arm so he is ready to fight. The Flag-Smashers and Power Broker Assembly in the upcoming episodes.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier: Bucky Barnes's Vibranium arm possesses one of the coolest powers of the Black Panther - Photo 2.

Like the Black Panther, Bucky possesses both superior combat abilities, physical enhancement beyond ordinary people, and inherits advanced technology from Wakanda.

About the reason that Bucky has never used the above features in The Falcon & the Winter Soldier in particular and the MCU in general, is probably due to the ethical and human principles that he himself set for the version. my body. In the first 3 episodes, the audience witnessed how Bucky tormented himself for his actions of violence, cold blood in the past, when he was an assassin of HYDRA. His conscience plus the advice of a psychiatrist made him always restrain himself, leave the days of the Winter Soldier behind him and minimize hurting others.

However, now that his enemy is a guild that is injected with super soldier serum, with the “last boss” Power Broker not revealed, perhaps Bucky will soon have to dismiss his principles to 1. In the following episodes, we will most likely see him make the most of Wakanda’s technology in his metal arm, which includes both absorption and release. the energy used by the Killmonger in the Black Panther.

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