Build Aphelios DTCL 5.5, Aphelios Season 5.5 Light Item

Build Aphelios DTCL 5.5, Aphelios Season 5.5 Light Item

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2021-07-12 22:58:50

The change of DTCL version 5.5 has caused the Mages to lose some champions. Specifically, Darius and Morgana will be gone and there will be no new champions joining the Magician.

The old champions will have changes when Sejuani brings more Gladiators and Diana no longer has a Dragon. However, the position of the remaining generals in the squad will not change. Including Aphelios.

This is still the main carry of the Archer or Magical team next to Diana. Archer’s buff is now 6 and has added Archer’s Seal. So the Archer team will have an advantage if they receive the Hidden Book and open the Archer Seal.

Either way, Aphelios is still the main damage dealer next to other Archers and especially “Batman” Akshan DTCL swings quite dangerously in the late game. How to map Aphelios and his strongest squad, please refer to the “curriculum” below.

Aphelios DTCL’s Base Stats, Tribes, and Skills 5.5 năng

aphelios dtcl season 5

Compared to the 1st Judgment Day Magician, DTCL 5.5’s Magician has a shortage of personnel. But the combination will be more diverse from the beginning of the game when Sejuani, Vladimir can combine with resistant or healing clans like Gladiator, Regeneration to support the Magical generals to deal damage in the back row.


aphelios dtcl 5.5

aphelios dtcl season 5

Kindred was eliminated in season 5.5, causing the Archer team to lose a good support champion in the late game. In return, we will have a guy swinging rope and dealing quite annoying damage at the end of the game. At the same time, the buff milestone will increase and the Archer Seal can help players rotate the team more flexibly.

Aphelios’ stats and skills season 5.5

wool bought by aphelios 5

  • Price: 4 gold
  • Blood: 650/1170/2106
  • Mana: 100
  • Armor: 25
  • Magical resistance: 25
  • DPS: 72/130/233
  • Damages: 80/144/259
  • Attack speed: 0.9
  • Crit rate: 25%
  • Attack Range: 4

Shadow alert: Aphelios unleashes 4/4/8 simultaneous attacks, one on the primary target and the other on the nearest enemies, dealing 250/275/325% bonus physical damage as a percentage. Physical 250/350/750 per hit.

Location: Back row in corner

Build up Aphelios DTCL, match Aphelios season 5.5

Just like season 5.5, Aphelios season 5’s items will still be prioritized Wooden Bows > Oversized Sticks > BF Swords > Practice Gloves.

Damage items you need Rage Blade, Giant Slayer, Infinity Sword and Blue Bow, Colossal Power, defense and recovery, just use Angel Armor, Alchemy Cloak or Blood Sword. The Aphelios light item is similar to the above, it is necessary to prioritize damage to Aphelios.

aphelios dtcl season 5.5

Aphelios Season 5 lineup

Aphelios 6 Sorcerer

aphelios dtcl season 5.5 lineup

This lineup uses 6 Magic Messengers to power up Aphelios, Akshan is the team’s secondary carry. Diana, Sejuani, LeeSin, Rell and Vladimir will be the characters to control and withstand. Yasuo will be a champion that deals close range damage to enemy tanks.

4 Archers

bought by aphelios 5.5

This squad reduces Magic to 4 Archers, giving Aphelios extra attack speed. Defense and crowd control thanks to both Thresh and Galio. Rakan will do the task of recovering and attacking the tankers. The attack below by 4 Archers and Heimerdinger will deal the main damage in the team.

6 Archers

bought by aphelios 5.5

In case you have an Archer Mark, you can give it to Rakan or Heimerdinger to increase your team’s healing or damage from the back row. Galio stands alone so it will take quite a bit of defense to absorb damage.

Aphelios, Akshan and Heimerdinger will burn the enemy team very quickly if you reach this Archer mark.

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