Build Irelia DTCL 5.5, Irelia Legion Light Item

Build Irelia DTCL 5.5, Irelia Legion Light Item

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2021-07-15 19:16:42

Irelia has returned to Teamfight Tactics 5.5 as a Warrior – Legion – Guardian. With a 2 money general with 3 clans, Irelia can participate in quite a lot of squads flexibly.

Her skills in this season 5.5 both defend and deal magic damage to the enemy team. Irelia will assist in a good Guardian or Warrior/Legion team in the early to mid game.

Irelia will also need items to deal good damage and she can hold items for some late game champions. So what will Irelia need and which team should I be in, please take a look at the instructions below.

Stats, Skills, and Irelia Guardian Clan

Irelia clan DTCL


At the start of the match, the Guardian with the highest health will gain an attack speed shield each time it is cast. When this shield is destroyed or timed out, it will be returned to the ally with the lowest health.

  • 3 ASTC: 200 shield, 30% attack speed for 4 seconds
  • 6 ASTC: 800 shield, 100% attack speed for 3 seconds
  • 9 ASTC: 2000 shield, 1000% attack speed for 1 second


Legion Heroes gain attack speed and their first attack after first casting heals them for 50% of the damage dealt.

  • 2 Legions: 25% attack speed
  • 4 Legion: 50% attack speed tốc
  • 6 Legion: 80% attack speed
  • 8 Legions: 120% attack speed

irelia guard


Warrior gains a shield as a percentage of health at the start of battle and takes bonus Physical Damage every second.

  • 3 Warriors: 25% shield of max health + 3 physical damage per second
  • 6 Warriors: 45% shield max health + 6 AD per second
  • 9 Warriors: 75% shield max health + 12 AD per second

irelia guard

Hero skills and stats

irelia dtcl season 5.5

  • Price: 2 gold
  • Health: 750/1350/2430
  • Mana: 60
  • Armor: 40
  • Magic Resistance: 40
  • DPS: 56 / 101 / 181
  • Damage: 70 / 126 / 227
  • Attack Speed: 0.8
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Attack Range: 1 cell

Challenge dance: Irelia surrounds herself with blades for 4 seconds and takes 30/40/50% damage reduction, increasing by 10% per attack, up to 90%. When this effect ends, she attacks the target, dealing 250/300/550 magic damage.

Location: Top/Middle

Build Irelia DTCL 5.5 Lên

Irelia can keep Lucian and Galio DTCL’s gear this season, keeping some items will help her become a tanker. Some damage items support damage to the back row champions, she can also keep these Light items for the main champions in the late game.

dressing up irelia dtcl

Team Irelia Teamfight Tactics season 5.5

6 Guardians

Basically, we will revolve around the lineup with that champion’s clan system without much evaluation. We will start with 6 Guardians, on this team Irelia can wear more Blood Armor to increase health and receive buffs from the beginning. If you find a lot of Galio, you can throw things over to him.

irelia dtcl

6 Warriors

Health shield will be buffed and the Warrior team will stand longer. Jax will be the carry of the team when his AD bonus is very good. You can take two late game generals, Viego and Garen, to add defense and turn enemy champions into “home champions”.

irelia dtcl

6 Legions

The attack speed gained is quite fast if you gather 6 Legions along with the amount of health recovered when dealing damage. Kayle and Draven will be the main damage dealers in the back row, so remember to move the upper defense closer to Kayle and Draven if you have to hit the Assassin.

irelia dtcl

Irelia seems to be more of a defensive champion than a damage dealer, although she can wield damage and deal damage. In the above formations, Irelia all have powerful damage-causing champions on the side. So her task will be to support the tanker and hold the carry for the carry.

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