Buy Mi Smart Band 6 portable in Vietnam: Pros and cons

Buy Mi Smart Band 6 portable in Vietnam: Pros and cons


2021-04-08 16:47:03

(CHK) If you are thinking of buying Mi Smart Band 6 portable, be careful with the new information given by technology experts recently.

Mi Smart Band 6 is a technology product that a lot of people look for because it is equipped with many “cool” features but comes at a price that is not too expensive.

However, at present, this device is officially distributed in China and not available in Vietnam. Portable shopping is the solution that many people choose to own Smart Band 6 soon. But this is quite risky.

The reason for this is that portable devices are usually domestic versions reserved for the Chinese market. According to recently shared information, Xiaomi may lock domestic Smart Band 6 versions operating outside of China.

This means that users will not be able to connect the device to the Mi Fit app and cannot use features such as receiving notifications and receiving necessary updates. The bracelet will almost become a device just for viewing the time.

In fact, locking out domestic products is not uncommon for Xiaomi. This helps the company ensure products will be sold properly and fully functional with distinct features.

Currently, Mi Smart Band 6 has been opened for sale in the Chinese market with prices from 230 yuan (800,000 VND), other markets have not officially opened for sale.


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