Buying 300 breeding hens on the Taobao platform, after the time the owner receives a flock of roosters

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2021-03-26 21:03:18

Pham Vi’s chicken farm is located in Yuanzhou District, Y Xuan City, Jiangxi Province, China. Every early morning, the sound of roosters crowing one after another makes the scene here extremely lively. But for Mr. Pham, these sounds in his ears made him extremely uncomfortable.

“I bought them through an e-commerce platform”, he said. “It is said that they are 300 hens”.

Pham Vi said that on October 11, 2020, he bought 300 breeding hens through a merchant on the Taobao platform who sells chickens, ducks and geese all year round. He insisted to the seller that he wanted seedlings and that the payment was also based on the hen price. However, after three months of raising, he noticed something “slightly wrong”.

“After a period of raising, I found out that the flock has half roosters, half hens”, he shares.

Mr. Pham hastily contacted the seller and after many controversial contacts, the seller agreed to pay the difference for half of the breeders. Because the price of a rooster was cheaper than a hen, he received 1,050 yuan, about 3.7 million dong in return. But as the chickens continued to grow, they all revealed themselves to be roosters.

Buying 300 breeding hens on the Taobao platform, after the time the owner receives a flock of roosters - Photo 2.

“Now the chickens can’t be sold, the right time for castration is over, people don’t want to buy, and don’t have money to feed them, so now my situation is especially difficult.” Mr. Pham shared in pain.

Currently, he is unable to contact the original seller, while the Taobao platform also says there is nothing they can do. Pham Vi said his family’s economic condition was not rich, and that he could no longer afford to take care of the chickens.

In accordance with Chinese law, in cases where a consumer purchases goods or receives services through an online exchange and their legitimate rights and interests are compromised, they can ask the seller to or carrier compensation. If the online trading platform provider is unable to provide the real name, address or effective contact information of the seller or service provider, the consumer may also request the platform provider to compensate. often.

Pham Vi’s case is quite fortunate to have spread on social networks and attracted the attention of many people. The local authorities shook hands to coordinate and promised to help him resolve the matter in a reasonable manner.

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