Buying virtual land in The Sandbox Gucci decides to experience the metaverse

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2022-02-13 09:03:23

Gucci – The world famous luxury fashion brand has just decided to buy virtual land on The Sandbox platform. This move is Gucci’s first step in the Metaverse field in the context that it is receiving the attention of many large corporations.

Sharing about this deal of a famous fashion group, TheBlock said:

“This move will allow fashion brand Gucci to create virtual fashion experiences for their consumers.”

Gucci buys virtual land in The Sandbox to experience Metaverse

It is known that the brand’s metaverse projects will be built and developed at the Gucci Vault. This will also be the place where the corporation creates new experiences of the virtual world for its customers.

Until now, no one can confirm the exact amount of money that Gucci group has spent for this purchase.

Sharing with Vogue Business, a representative of The Sandbox platform affirmed that Metaverse has potential and many opportunities for future development. This project also further confirms that there are now a lot of big companies, especially fashion brands, that decide to spend money to buy their virtual land.

As can be seen, Gucci is a company that always cares and supports NFT. Earlier, around May 2021, this company also released NFTs and put them up for sale on Christie’s.

Gucci is making moves to show its interest and new strides in the field of Metaverse. Not only stopping at the acquisition of virtual land, the company also started recruiting more experienced personnel in metaverse, NFT,…

At the same time, Gucci also plans to recruit personnel with experience in community building and managing crypto communities.

As such, it may not just stop at the experience, but this fashion brand really has the determination to enter and develop in the field of Metaverse as well as the NFT and cryptocurrency markets.

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