ByungSoo shares the reason for choosing to be a Wisdom Node on Lithium Finance (LITH)

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2021-12-30 16:24:10

Lithium Finance is building a oracle first party data to leverage the power of crowd intelligence and their proprietary technology to value illiquid assets including NFTs, crypto projects… In that model, the Wisdom Node occupies a very important role in the Lithium ecosystem. Among them is ByungSoo, a Wisdom Node located in Korea. Let’s listen to share why they chose to join the Lithium ecosystem!

Question: What is the predestined you know about Lithium Finance?

Answer: I got to know Lithium Finance when David Lighton – the founder of Lithium joined the AMA on a Telegram group called CryptoNeedle. I found out about the project on that AMA and thought it was pretty interesting and has a unique use case.

Question: What is your professional background?

Answer: I am really a professional Web developer.

Question: When did you enter the cryptocurrency market?

Answer: I entered this market about two years ago. We’ve seen TVL in DeFi increase a lot since 2020, and it’s an exciting time to get into this rapidly growing financial sector.

Question: What made you decide to become a Wisdom Node?

Answer: Lithium Finance has a very important use case and I want to contribute to this amazing ecosystem as a Wisdom Node. The concept of using the wisdom of the crowd to value illiquid assets is unique and exciting!

About Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance is an Oracle price data platform that allows pricing of illiquid assets. Lithium Finance provides users with access to scarce primary market (OTC) price data that is typically held by brokers, senior executives or experts in M&A activities with many years of experience. Lithium Finance is a platform that encourages public data sharing and privacy. The project will reward users who provide honest information and punish those who provide mispriced data. From there, the market will have access to the prices of all hard-to-value assets such as pre-IPO shares, private equity, and other illiquid assets.

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