Calves are called calves, buffaloes are called calves, so what are baby sharks called?

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2022-01-14 17:11:08

We often call calves calves, calves calves. So does a baby shark have a similar name? In Vietnamese, we just need to add the noun “child” at the end to be able to distinguish newborn or developing animals from adults, such as kittens, puppies, or kittens. It doesn’t even matter if it’s called calves instead of calves.

However, in English, in addition to “baby shark”, baby sharks also have their own names, but after listening, everyone must fall back. That’s “pup” – a very common phrase, which is used to refer to other newborn animals such as dogs, seals, foxes, mice, ring-tailed lemurs, rats and stingrays.

In English, baby sharks are collectively known as “pup”, similar to puppies.

By the way, on the topic of baby sharks (belonging to that field of biology, not the song “baby shark”), let’s discuss a little bit about how this creature was born. Normally, during the breeding season, pairs of sharks will create embryos and develop in three different ways.

The first is Oviparity (spawning). If you’ve ever come across strange things described as “mermaid’s purses” while floating at sea, it’s highly likely that it is the skin of a shark species and will usually hatch after 6-9 months. Like other egg-laying animals, the developing shark embryos absorb nutrients from the yolk sac inside the egg. When it is “ripe” enough, a “pup” will break the shell from the inside and swim back to the ocean floor. Eggs that are washed ashore by waves are often left with only an empty shell.

The second is Ovoviviparity (birth ovum). This is a form of reproduction in which the mother shark, after laying eggs, will keep the eggs inside her body to avoid predators during the development of the eggs until they hatch. Therefore, these embryos will be weaker than those in the oviparity method. When the eggs hatch, the mother shark “gives birth again” so that the “pups” are born. However, there is also a case where a pup hatches earlier and eats all the siblings still in their eggs right in the womb.

Finally, there is Viviparity (giving birth). This is the most advanced method of reproduction of sharks, when the embryo is developed right in the womb, provided with nutrition through the umbilical cord connected to the mother until officially born. However, unlike other mammals, after emerging from the mother’s womb, the baby shark will immediately enter an independent life without anyone’s help.

Calves are called calves, buffaloes are called calves, so what are baby sharks called? - Photo 2.

Sharks reproduce in 3 different ways.

But regardless of how they breed, baby sharks will still be collectively referred to as “pup,” a term used to refer to puppies and many other newborn animals. So, if we happen to hear the song “Baby Shark” and our brain “jumps” thinking about a bunch of puppies, it’s not unreasonable.

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