Can man attain eternal life?

Can man attain eternal life?


2021-03-29 22:33:04

It can be said that there are two eternal life forms, the first is the immortality of individuals, but in the millions of years of life on Earth, this possibility has never happened, instead. that is how growth and evolution are happening from generation to generation. How long can exist, it is necessary to depend on genetic material to multiply over generations.

According to the natural law, the eternal existence of individual life is irrational and unfounded, since individual life exists without evolution, the purpose of survival is clearly meaningless, and that will hinder evolution.

The second form of immortality is when humans have grown to a certain height. It is eternal life that requires a biological cover. Human experience and intelligence can be stored and accumulated forever without the need for a genetic process from one generation to the next.

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Humanity has accumulated a lot of knowledge, and at the same time discovered a lot of knowledge in many fields. However, technology and human knowledge are not at all similar and developed in parallel. The intelligence and potential of personal life have not been able to match the speed of the explosion of knowledge and the complexity of the world.

But through neuroscience, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to store, accumulate, and permanently manage general human experience and knowledge, this is also a kind. immortality. This immortality is the immortality of all human life experiences, not just the immortality of individual lives.

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If the individual’s life experience and consciousness can be extracted as reading data, and the individual’s sense of life can exist in electronic form, then the individual’s immortality can be realized in virtual form.

Regarding the upload of consciousness, scientists conducted research and exploration, researchers began to try from low animals, take the memory from a snail and implant it into a snail. other.

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There is evidence that at least a small portion of memory is stored in genetic code. Scientists’ experiments have shown that some memories are actually encoded in the molecules that make up biological genetic mechanisms.

If we live in a world like the one depicted in the Matrix, learning new things is as simple as loading them into the brain.

In a lab in Los Angeles, a team of researchers transferred the memory of a trained snail into the brain of an untrained snail. In other words, scientists figured out a way to erase memory from one animal and implant it in another so that the second animal could remember what only the first animal knew.

This revolutionary experiment is performed by injecting ribonucleic acid (RNA), an element called a “cell messenger”, that performs several important functions, such as protein coding.

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The biologists use a species of sea snail called Aplysia, the snails used in the experiment attach a charge to the tail, allowing them to send simple signals through the nervous system. .

These sea snails are then electrocuted several times, increasing the defensive withdrawal reflex, a response that shows protection from potential damage.

Then, when the scientists tapped the snails lightly, they discovered that the snails that had been electrocuted showed contraction in self-defense, a period of time that lasted an average of 50. seconds. Meanwhile, for screws that are not electrocuted, contraction only lasts about 1 second. This is a simple behavior based on memory.

Next, they extracted RNA from the nervous system of the electrocuted sea snails and injected them into non-electrocuted snails. It is worth noting that scientists have found that snails that receive RNA from electrocuted animals behave as if they had been electrocuted before: They exhibit prolonged contraction. about 40 seconds on average.

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Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles have demonstrated that they can successfully suck memory from one snail in the form of RNA and paste it into another. Surprisingly, the snails that received the snail’s RNA started acting as if they had had this experience on their own.

Experts say this breakthrough could help people study neurology and memory. RNA research may also help treat people with painful memories and even help recover from dementia.

However, this is only the initial experiment, and whether humans can achieve eternal life so far are still conjectures and without any reliable evidence.

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