Cap is good about spring, good sayings about spring, good story and the meaning of hello to spring

Cap is good about spring, good sayings about spring, good story and the meaning of hello to spring


2021-04-01 04:33:56

Spring with blooming apricot and cherry blossoms brings joys of heaven and earth, with new hopes, new dreams and a new beginning. You can refer to good quotes about spring, cap about spring, stt or about spring, stt hello spring below to share with everyone about the atmosphere of spring, welcome the new year luck and happy.

No, hello spring

1. Hello spring of love – the season of couple love. Spring comes, making my heart pounding and restless. Let’s exchange beautiful words for a peaceful new year!

2. Spring is here, welcome your new life with a big smile!

3. Spring comes, the cherry blossoms blooming in full bloom with brilliant pink stretching under the spring sun, the whole space becomes more beautiful than ever.

4. Spring comes back with cold weather and spring music, making our mind more comfortable than ever. Please put aside all of life to relax, travel spring after a long time of hard work.

5. Having been through many times of Tet coming back to Spring, but still feeling new things and eagerly awaiting a new year.

6. Spring is the season of loving couple, let’s have fun together!

7. Spring coming home … accompanied by the smile of reunification with the children of the elderly, on the bright smiles when receiving the gift of lucky money from children. It is simpler than you realize that spring comes with only dewdrops left on the blooming flowers.

8. Spring is the season of festivities, reunion and warmth full of love.

Cap about spring

Cap is good about Spring

9. Every Tet comes, when Spring comes, people are full of new feelings and excitement.

10. At the end of winter, when listening to the cold wind blowing in winter, the sound of dry eagle leaves smoking one afternoon at the end of the year, that is when spring is coming.

11. Spring comes … A moment of peace of gray-haired old people, smiling gently to welcome the flock of children and grandchildren to gather. A glimpse of youth in the delicate hand-knuckles of beautiful men and women …

12. Spring celebrates, Spring is passionate and warm with love, smiles of pale-haired old men when their children and grandchildren reunite, a glimpse of youth in the soft knits of men and women Tu …

Good sayings about spring

13. New year comes, the spring comes, the trains on the platform are also more bustling than ever to bring the children away from home to reunite with their families after a hard year.

14. Every Tet comes back to Spring, the days when they go to the market with their mothers to go to the market on Tet holiday. They are the smile of union members of family members, bright smiles when receiving the lucky money from children.

15. Spring is the beginning of a year, just as youth is the beginning of a person’s life. Therefore, if you are still young, still in your youth, live full of enthusiasm because the Spring has passed away will not repeat again.

No about spring

The poem is about the Spring season

18. Spring to drop flowers
Spring to a hundred flowers laugh
Immediately go forever
On top, old comes
Do not tell spring flowers to fall off
Last night in front of a branch tomorrow pitch. (Zen Master Man Giac (1052 – 1096) in the article “Reporting handicap of them”).

19. This spring has come
Each house is open to welcome joy
Each baby girl compared the shirt color
Pink cheeks smiling
(Spring Poetry – Nguyen Binh)

20. “Spring is coming, which means spring is passing,
Spring is still young, it means that spring will be old.
(Hurry – Xuan Dieu)

21. The spring of heaven and earth has just arrived now
Spring has come for a long time in me
(Lunar New Year – Xuan Dieu)

22. When we meet spring, we keep playing
The cup of wine verse is the place to go back
End of spring, empty cup, spring comes
Thousands of ink spring still spring!
(Meeting spring – Tan Da)

In addition to the above verses, you can also see other good poems about spring in “17 good poems about spring to celebrate the new year 2021”.


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