[Cập nhật] China’s Leading Crypto News Site Announces Shutdown

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2021-11-26 06:58:17

On November 17, major Chinese crypto news sites such as ChainNews, Odaily, and Block123 were all inaccessible.

Major Chinese crypto news sites are simultaneously inaccessible

*This post was updated on 11/26.

According to sources of CoinDesk, many cryptocurrency news sites with a lot of followers in China all simultaneously “turned off” on November 17.

The ChainNews page on November 15 announced that it was about to upgrade the website within 8-10 hours. However, as of November 17, ChainNews’s website was still inaccessible. The news site said it will continue to update news via Telegram and Twitter.

Similarly, the websites of Odaily and Block123 also reported an inaccessibility error, but still updated information for followers via Telegram and Twitter social networks.

These news sites have so far not announced the reason for not being able to provide services through the website.

Because of this coincidence, many people believe that the Chinese government’s crypto ban has spread to crypto news sites. This is even more grounded when Telegram and Twitter are social networks that Beijing has no control over.

China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies has become more intense since Beijing announced regulations to make crypto trading and mining illegal on September 24. Since then, many large mining pools and blockchain services of Chinese origin have had to announce their shutdown, and exchanges have announced to stop providing services to Chinese people and gradually delete their accounts. their. Even cryptocurrency information sites like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and TradingView have been blocked by China’s “Great Firewall”.

Just last week, China’s Central Disciplinary Commission dismissed an official from Jiangxi province for allegedly covering up cryptocurrency mining.


By 11/26, CoinDesk Quoting the Editor-in-Chief of Chainnews as saying that this crypto news site has decided to stop all operations under pressure from the Chinese authorities, even though they switched to Twitter and Telegram after the website was frozen.

Besides, TheBlock It also confirmed that Chinese Internet operators have blocked the IP addresses of cryptocurrency mining associations, as well as trying to detect domestic users trying to connect to mining pools.

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