[Cập nhật] Twitter’s “Purge Day”: What’s Happening to Popular Crypto Accounts?

[Cập nhật] Twitter’s “Purge Day”: What’s Happening to Popular Crypto Accounts?


2021-04-02 06:52:14

A series of crypto accounts with a large following have been permanently banned by Twitter for unknown reasons. So what is the hidden meaning behind this story?

Updated on March 30, 2021

After the first purge on March 10, 2021, Twitter continued to “release” a series of accounts on March 29-30.

The second purge, however, seems to target more local accounts. Many outstanding crypto accounts of Vietnam are now “flying color”.

Axie Infinity has flown color
Project TomoChain’s account is not immune from the same fate

Opening: Blaze of fire

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lately seems to be very pro-Bitcoin. From running your own Bitcoin node to considering paying employees in Bitcoin and then selling your first tweet on the NFT platform. All of these actions show that the Twitter CEO is very open-minded and has a particular fondness for cryptocurrencies.

From there, we can easily deduce that Twitter is also very crypto-friendly. No wonder the Twitter community is talking about Bitcoin more than ever and even Twitter is the social networking platform used most by the cryptocurrency community.

But no, we were wrong!

Twitter has never been in favor of cryptocurrencies.

Since 2018 the market has spread the FUD: Twitter will follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Google, straightforwardly banning cryptocurrency ads? Although the Twitter CEO personally prefers it, this social networking platform has never truly supported cryptocurrencies.

And to this day, we again witness a “super huge” case is being silently carried out by Twitter without any prior notice. That is:

Total attack: Massive purge of famous crypto accounts

On the morning of March 10, 2021, Vietnam time, Twitter banned some accounts considered KOLs in the crypto community. As of the time CHK reported, Twitter has not announced or responded to the reasons for such action.

Three of the accounts banned by Twitter for unknown reasons. These are all well-known crypto accounts with a sizable following.

“Youtube removed videos on cryptocurrencies on the day of the holiday.

Facebook deleted 100 out of 1000 Australian fan pages.

Twitter is currently removing crypto / NFT accounts?! …

The protocol and application must be owned by the user, NOT to benefit profit-only businesses. ”

“Breakthrough Twitter: PlanB, Willi Woo, TheCryptoDog and dozens of accounts supporting Bitcoin have been” banned “for unknown reasons.”

Conclusion: There is no end

However, this is not the first and not the last time that Twitter has acted.

In the past, Twitter explicitly banned it (ban) permanently Donald Trump’s account in the 2020 US Presidential Election is very drama and popular.

So the question is, Twitter – a user-centric social network – has authority arbitrary prohibit a user’s account for unknown reasons, without prior notice. YouTube “accidentally” censors crypto content or Facebook bans all Bitcoin and ICO related advertising and then Google bans ICOs and cryptocurrency ads.

Are we entering an era of content censorship and free-of-speech within a framework?

After Credit: Is The Great Twitter Hack Coming Again?

The community has not forgotten the widespread hacking of Twitter, many celebrity accounts such as Joe Biden, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos simultaneously posted fake information regarding the free Bitcoin donation. Some major exchanges are also not on the list of hacked like Binance, Coinbase and Gemini.

This event is known as The Great Twitter Hack, or The Century Hack.

The Great Twitter Hack
Will The Great Twitter Hack 2020 happen again?

This time, when many crypto accounts were “flying color”, some believe it was because Twitter was hacked (?!) Again.


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