Car model as cheap as Toyota’s Kia Morning reaches users with super compact design

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2021-12-28 21:48:10

Recently, the Japanese car manufacturing giant – Toyota has officially opened the sale of its latest compact and portable electric vehicle designed specifically for commuting in the city called Toyota C + Pod.

Toyota C + Pod compact design with only 2 seats (Photo: slashgear)

Toyota C + Pod was first introduced in Japan last December but only for corporate customers. Right after a year, Toyota C + Pod is open for sale to individual buyers.

Toyota said the car will be offered through lease-purchase contracts throughout Japan for 1,650,000 Japanese yen (about 330 million VND) – the same price as the Kia Morning A-class car in the market. Vietnam.

Toyota C + Pod – back view (Image: slashgear)

Toyota C + Pod is expected to be distributed in two versions, G and X with slight differences and paint colors.

As a compact urban car, the Toyota C + Pod has a top speed of 60 km/h, which is good enough for most daily city trips. The Toyota C + Pod is sure to appeal to city dwellers who are conscious of their carbon footprint and looking for a clean and sustainable solution to their daily commute problems.

This is a two-seater electric vehicle that can drive up to 150 km on a full charge. Toyota’s micro electric vehicle is equipped with a 9.06kWh lithium-ion battery that can be charged for up to 5 hours.

Toyota C + Pod length x width x height are 2,490 mm, 1,290 mm and 1,550 mm, respectively (Photo: Toyota)

The Toyota C+ Pod is one of the most compact EVs on the market. It has dimensions length x width x height of 2,490 mm, 1,290 mm and 1,550 mm respectively. The small size helps the Toyota C + Pod have a turning radius of about 3.9 meters, helping the car to move out of seemingly tight parking lots.

The minimalist cockpit of the Toyota C + Pod (Image: Slashgear)

The cabin of the Toyota C + Pod is compact, with enough space for the driver and one accompanying person. The minimalist design dashboard is accentuated by the black and white color scheme of the interior. The car’s control system is minimalistic in the center stack in the top mounted speed display.

Spacious rear trunk of the car (Photo Slash Gear)

The rear trunk of the Toyota C + Pod is also large enough to hold many large items such as suitcases, backpacks ..etc.

Toyota C + Pod also comes with a safety system with the ability to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles during the day and night. The parking sensor can help stop the C+pod if it detects an obstacle during low-speed maneuvering.


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