Car news on the evening of August 22: Revealing a ‘beast’ that is more beautiful than Honda SH, attracting customers for only 84 million VND

Car news on the evening of August 22: Revealing a ‘beast’ that is more beautiful than Honda SH, attracting customers for only 84 million VND


2022-08-27 09:26:41

Honda SH is ‘like a fish on a cutting board’ because of the newly launched scooter model: Dreamlike design, priced at 84 million

SanYang Motor (SYM) has just officially launched its new SYM MMBCU 158 2022 scooter model in Taiwan. SYM MMBCU 158 has a unique design inspired by “Mamba” – an extremely venomous snake in Africa, which is expected to create a “seismic” in the motorcycle market and compete for market share with Honda SH .

SYM MMBCU 158 2022 is a scooter model in the unique design language of the Taiwanese automaker, using Bionatic principles using the characteristics of plants or creatures as the core of the design. This model is inspired by the Mamba snake, which has a slim body but impressive speed. Even, Mamba is known as the fastest moving venomous snake in the world.

According to the manufacturer’s description, the name MMBCU is a combination of three words: MMB stands for Mamba, C stands for Croosover and U stands for Unique. SYM MMBCU 158 2022 is designed to look like the head of a snake. In addition, the crank design of this model is shaped quite ostentatiously, looking like the scales of a snake, giving this model a more impressive appearance than the Honda SH.

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‘Falling up and down’ in front of the Honda SH Mode for sale for 47 million, as cheap as the new Honda Air Blade

Recently, a person posted a Honda SH Mode for sale on the website and received a lot of attention from the public. According to the owner of the article, this is a genuine white 2017 model, the ODO level is about 40,000 km.

Vehicles owning a modern LED lighting system bring the clearest vision to customers. At the front of the car is also an eye-catching V-shaped design, a trunk as large as 18 liters, a dashboard displaying basic parameters, a 5.5-liter fuel tank capacity, a spacious footrest, a drive multi-function magnetic lock, advanced combined braking system with 3 hydraulic pistons.

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Super-rival Hyundai Tucson 2022 revealed: The price is expected to be very good, equipped with Honda CR-V

Recently, on the website Ford Vietnam has posted a series of information about the new generation Ford Territory 2023 model coming to our market.

Ford Territory 2023 possesses a powerful and luxurious design with a large octagonal grille cluster and unique honeycomb mesh pattern, combined with lighting systems, LED headlights, and vehicles. use 19-inch wheels. The rear of the car uses Ford’s global DNA philosophy, with the words TERRITORY chrome extending connecting 2 impressive 3D LED taillights to help bring a superficial, liberal appearance.

Inside the spacious and comfortable cabin, with a range of modern conveniences such as the dashboard using high-quality soft materials, two 12-inch screens, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ can be connected. ergonomic straps, sport-cut D-shaped steering wheel.

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Toyota launched the MPV model with a cheap price, just returned to the dealer and made people “forget” Mitsubishi Xpander

As planned, the MPV Toyota Sienta 2023 model will be officially opened for sale and introduced in Japan on August 23. However, before the launch, the first batch of Toyota Sienta 2023 is now available at dealers and has received much attention from domestic users.

Toyota Sienta 2023 belongs to the cheap MPV segment in the country of cherry blossoms. In Japan, Toyota Sienta 2023 is distributed with prices ranging from 1.95 – 3,108 million yen (equivalent to 333 – 531 million VND) – a significantly cheaper price than names in the MPV segment such as Mitsubishi Xpander or Honda BR-V.

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