Car news on the evening of September 22: A version of Honda SH 2022 with a discount without brakes;  Honda opens sale of super cool models

Car news on the evening of September 22: A version of Honda SH 2022 with a discount without brakes; Honda opens sale of super cool models


2022-09-25 00:41:43

Following in the footsteps of Honda Vision, the Honda SH 2022 model returns to the ‘price disorder’ period, with a version selling below the proposed price

Entering the end of September, the selling price of Honda motorcycle series suddenly increased again due to the high demand for cars from users. Not only Honda Vision, the Honda SH 2022 scooter model is also being sold by many dealers at a sky-high price and a difference of tens of millions of dong compared to the company’s listed price.

At some dealers in Hanoi, the Honda SH 2022 model 125i is priced from 2 to 10 million VND depending on the version while the Honda SH 150i 2022 is priced from 20 to 30 million VND. Meanwhile, some other dealers are currently selling the red Honda SH 2022 150i ABS version for 118 million VND while the cement gray ABS sport version is priced at up to 130 million VND. Other color versions of Honda SH 150i ABS 2022 are currently out of stock and car buyers have to wait more if they want to buy a car. Meanwhile, the Honda SH 150i CBS version is still being sold with all color options.

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Close-up of the new Honda SH 2022 model that has just been opened for sale, attracting the eyes of the eye with an impressive appearance

Recently, Japanese automaker Honda has officially opened the sale of the Honda Dax ST 125 2023 in the domestic market. Honda Dax ST 125 2023 is sold with a starting price of 440,000 yen (equivalent to 71 million VND). At this price, the Honda Dax ST 125 2023 is as expensive as the Honda SH 2022 model currently being sold in the Vietnamese market.

Honda Dax ST 125 2023 is a classic fun bike model and one of Honda’s “legends”. The Honda Dax ST 125 2023 has a distinctive Dachshund Dog design with a solid T-shaped chassis. Honda Dax ST 125 2023 has a seat height of 775 mm with a high handlebar, helping the driver to have a comfortable sitting position during travel. Honda Dax ST 125 2023 has a fairly compact design with a weight of 107 kg. In Japan, Honda Dax ST 125 2023 is being sold with 2 color options, including Pearl Nebula Red and Cadet Gray Gray.

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Honda SH 350i’s ‘nightmare’ launched at an attractive price, design and equipment worthy of the ‘scooter king’

Recently, a rival of Honda SH 350i has been launched in the Chinese market with the name Zontes 350E 2022. Zontes 350E 2022 is sold in the Chinese market for CNY 30,800, equivalent to VND 103 million. Compared to the selling price of Honda SH 350i in Vietnam, it is clear that the price of Zontes 350E 2022 is at a more comfortable level.

In terms of appearance, the Zontes 350E is considered more modern and futuristic than many models in the same segment. Zontes 350E 2022 is equipped with a 349cc engine, single cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC, combined with BOSCH EFI system and automatic transmission. Zontes 350E 2022 has a total capacity of 36 hp at 7,500 rpm and 38 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm.

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VinFast receives a deposit of a new ‘super product’ electric car priced at 22 million, revealing a series of attractive incentives for Vietnamese customers

VinFast Evo 200 is an electric motorcycle model with a stylish design and size suitable for urban areas. The car has two versions including Evo200 and Evo200 Lite with 5 fashion color options: Yellow, Magenta, Pearl White, Charcoal Blue, and Matte Black. In which, Evo200 can move with a maximum speed of 70km / h, Evo200 Lite is adjusted to a maximum speed limit of 49km / h, suitable for customers who are students. Both versions are priced at 22,000,000 VND (Price includes VAT and 400W charger). This is the model with the best price in the product range equipped with new generation LFP battery technology for outstanding travel distance, up to 205 km / charge.

The VinFast Evo 200 model is inspired by bumblebees, featuring a compact design with rounded, modern lines, bringing a dynamic and youthful feeling. The body and rear of the car have a seamless design, gently stroking back to create a sense of serenity, liberality but still elegant Italian style.

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