Car news on the evening of September 26: Vietnamese customers are excited by the news that ‘little Honda SH’ costs only 28 million dong

Car news on the evening of September 26: Vietnamese customers are excited by the news that ‘little Honda SH’ costs only 28 million dong

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2022-09-29 19:01:42

Real information Honda Vision 2022 ‘depreciated’ tens of millions of dong, only 28 million left at dealers

In recent days, information that Honda Vision 2022 is priced at only VND 28 million has been posted on many car groups and attracted the attention of users. Most people are quite surprised at this price of Honda Vision when this model is currently a name that many Vietnamese customers look for and is rarely sold for less than 30 million VND.

However, the information about the price of Honda Vision 2022 at VND 28 million is incorrect. According to a survey at many dealers, Honda Vision is being sold at a price higher than the listed price by several million dong. Specifically, the price of Honda Vision car is at 33.29 million VND for the standard version, 36.49 million VND for the high-end version and 37.65 million VND for the special version.

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Close-up of the new ‘nightmare’ of Honda SH 150i: Attractive price, impressing with a unique ‘coat’

Recently, the Vespa Sprint S 150 model has been added with many new color options in the Vietnamese market. One of them is the Vespa Sprint S 150 Tenace blue version, which is currently attracting the attention of many users. Currently, Vespa Sprint S 150 Tenace blue version is being sold with a starting price of VND 94.3 million and competes directly with the Honda SH 150i model.

Although it retains the same elegant and luxurious design as other versions, the optional Vespa Sprint S 150 in Tenace blue is considered more impressive and eye-catching with its “poisonous” color scheme. The Tenace blue “coat” is accentuated with some red, black and silver details to help the appearance of the Vespa Sprint S 150 “upgrade” significantly. Thanks to that, Vespa Sprint S 150 is considered to have a “one nine one ten” appearance compared to rival Honda SH.

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Suzuki opened for sale super rival of Kia Seltos: Priced at VND 306 million, better design than Hyundai Creta

The much-awaited Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV has finally been officially launched on the market with prices ranging from Rs 10.45 lakh – Rs 19.65 lakh (about VND 306 – 575 million when converted into Vietnamese currency). ). A cousin to the recently introduced Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder, the Grand Vitara has not only a hybrid powertrain, but also an AWD all-wheel drive system. The new Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara will be Maruti Suzuki’s flagship model in India.

Pre-orders for the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara have been received with a deposit of Rs 11,000. Up to now, this model has received more than 55,000 orders, with a waiting time of more than 5 months.

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Honda Vision 2022 ‘panic’ when the opponent costs just over 33 million, a new ‘bargain’ of Vietnamese customers

In the small scooter segment in the Vietnamese market, besides Honda Vision, Vietnamese customers also have many other cheap options, including the Benelli VZ 125i model. Benelli VZ 125i is currently being distributed genuine in our country and has a significantly cheaper price than “mini Honda SH”.

At the end of this September, Benelli VZ 125i is being sold for only 33.3 million VND for all color options of glossy red, blue black and black orange. Although it is slightly different from the listed price of the company of 29.8 million VND, it is clear that the price of Benelli VZ 125i is at an easier level than rival Honda Vision 2022.

Benelli VZ 125i owns a personality, sporty appearance with angular lines. Besides, the “body” of Benelli VZ 125i is also quite compact, helping users to move flexibly in crowded inner-city areas. Not to mention, Benelli VZ 125i is also equipped with a spacious footrest and a reasonable saddle height, suitable for many users.

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