Cardano (ADA) performs block size increase before entering Basho . expansion phase

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2021-11-24 00:46:22

In light of the anticipated increase in traffic, the Cardano developers have begun making changes aimed at increasing the network’s throughput capacity.

Cardano (ADA) performs block size increase before entering Basho . expansion phase

Cardano (ADA) is entering the Basho phase, as developers announce upcoming gradual tweaks that focus on optimization, scaling, and network growth. According to the announcement, IOHK has submitted two initial changes, namely increasing Cardano’s block size from 8KB to 72KB and expanding the Plutus instruction set memory unit per transaction.

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Larger block size means fitting more transactions into a single block, which means processing more transactions per second. Cardano’s block size increase comes in handy especially in the case of increased traffic due to newly launched dApps.

This is also something we may need considerable patience because even when the Alonzo mainnet goes live, there will not be a single full-fledged project built on top of Cardano. Even at one point, Cardano (ADA) only recorded 1 (one) smart contract transaction within 24 hours.

However, IOHK pointed out that there are already more than 2 million Cardano wallets in use and access has increased more than 20 times in a year. At the current rate of development of the project, the number of users is likely to explode even more in the future. Therefore, the above action is extremely necessary to strengthen the smooth operation of the Cardano system, avoiding interruptions or crashes.

In addition, Cardano developers will increase Plutus script memory units per transaction to 11.25 million. Plutus scripts are pieces of code, used by Cardano to validate actions. According to IOHK, the 12.5% ​​increase will be the first of a series of improvements to memory unit settings that will greatly enhance the real-world capabilities of Plutus instructions.

“The 12.5% ​​increase is sizable, but not overwhelming, allowing room for further growth and enabling SPO operators to adjust to growing demand. .”

Increasing the memory limit will improve development of more complex Plutus instructions while supporting existing instructions that handle more data items. The two upcoming tweaks are both deployed in tandem, as they together help increase the throughput capacity of the network.

With the current set of parameters, the Cardano network uses almost 25% of the platform’s capacity. IOHK reveals that this is, in fact, optimal. The above changes will go into effect on the testnet on November 25, while those for the mainnet are scheduled for December 1.

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