Cartesi (CTSI) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Details on Binance’s 13th IEO

Cartesi (CTSI) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Details on Binance’s 13th IEO


2021-03-22 01:31:13

What is Cartesi?

Cartesi is a second layer infrastructure (layer-2 infrastructure), which aims to allow complex and intensive computations that can be operated on Linux operating system, outside of blockchain, without affecting the differentiation. level. DApps developers can work in a familiar environment without any artificial limitations, and they also have access to fancy tools.

Furthermore, some of Cartesi’s algorithms are based on the PoS algorithm and their security depends on the hypothesis that CTSI tokens are distributed evenly among the operating users. Cartesi Node and dApps can store temporary data on Cartesi Side Chain without having to constantly connect to Layer 1 blockchain.

Another interesting piece of information is that the capital of the project has increased to 0.80 MM USD through private token sales from August 2017 to December 2019.

What is CTSI Token?

CTSI is a native token and it is designed to deal with the fundamental difficulties facing existing blockchains in terms of usability and scalability.

Best of all, CTSI is expected to capture all the values ​​in the DApp ecosystem and be portable on different blockchains.

CTSI token use case

Cartesi aims to provide scalability for decentralized applications through a network of nodes. The CTSI token has been designed to induce Cartesi nodes to join the system and include the following uses:

  • Cartesi Core: Cartesi Core works on the same basis as an arbitrator who uses the CTSI token as collateral to effectively perform honest actions.
  • Cartesi Side Chain: Cartesi Side Chain users pay for temporary data storage for Cartesi applications with CTSI.
  • Consensus system: CTSI is used to participate in Side Chain’s Proof-of-Stake consensus system. The miners with the highest stake have a higher probability of being selected for the next block.
  • Available data protocols: CTSI will also power an inbuilt data protocol to support the transfer of large data blobs used for the machine’s snapshots.

CTSI token issuance history

The Cartesi team plans to introduce token inflation for future rewards but is not yet finalized. The amount of tokens issued is estimated as shown in the chart below.

Method of advertising CTSI token and used funds

From the time of publication 2017 up to now. Cartesi spent 72% capital call amounts to perform the following tasks:

  • 82.57% research and development.
  • 10.16% Marketing, PR
  • 3.80% operating
  • 3.47% legal support

Provide tokens

  • Launchpad Sale: 10% of total supply.
  • Seed Sale: 2% of total supply
  • Private Sale: 5% of total supply.
  • Strategic Sale: 0.67% of total supply.
  • Team:15% of total supply.
  • Advisors: 2.11% of total supply.
  • Foundation Reserve: 40.22% of total supply.
  • Mining Reserve: 25% of total supply.

CTSI token management method and used funds

How to store CTSI tokens?

You can store directly on Binance or the wallets supporting ERC20 tokens such as: Trust Wallet, MyEthrewallet, …

The Cartesian impact on the ecosystem

Cartesi acts as the infrastructure of the ecosystem for decentralized applications of the project. This makes it easier for developers to build and compare user experiences with Internet applications. In addition, traditional software developers can easily break the barrier and participate in developing dApps

How Cartesi works

Blockchains do not support the main computations that we have been provided with on our computers and devices. Typically these computations involve billions of steps and involve large amounts of data. With Cartesi, we can have typical real-world computations running off-chain on the Linux operating system, in a way that blockchain is verifiable. DApp users can reach off-chain consensus and if there is fraudulent computation.

Cartesi Network and the CTSI token using economic incentives and services that allow users to safely and conveniently join DApps. In the future will develop more fully.

Main features stand out

  • Ability of extension: In-depth computation of the huge amount of data performed off-chain with the same security guarantees provided by the blockchain;
  • Programming ability: dApp logic runs on Linux, with a choice of thousands of open source software components to mix and match;
  • Easy to accept: Developers can work in a familiar environment with no artificial limits and have access to all of their favorite tools;
  • Decentralization: Consensus is achieved securely on the network without the need for reputable protocols, a Trusted Execution Environment, or a central server in the cloud;
  • Portability: Cartesi aims to make mobile applications on the most important public blockchains supporting smart contracts;
  • Privacy: dApp status can be kept private among app participants.

Strategic partnerships and project support

Development team

You can refer to Cartesi crab team consisting of famous members:

  • Erick de Moura: CEO, former software developer in Arizona Bay and software designer at WiNGs Telecom.
  • Diego Nehab: Associate Professor at IMPA in computer graphics.

And some of the characters play an important role as follows:

Development teamDevelopment team

Advisory Board

  • Serguei Popov | Co-Founder of IOTA.
  • Luis Henrique de Figido | Researcher at IMPA.
  • Leather Oas |, Dev Dev & Biz Dev.
  • William Bao Bean | SOSV, General Partner.
  • Michael Hwang | Big Bang Angels CEO.
  • Boris Povod |, R & D Team Leader
  • Ham Ham | Advisor, Founder & CEO of CTE.


A history of achievements

A history of achievements

Update development roadmap 2020 onwards

Year 2020 quarter 1

  • Creepts launch.
  • Launch of the Creepts Bounty program.
  • Released read-only centralized server for Creepts.


Year 2020 quarter 2

  • Release of the SDK v1 document.
  • Release read-write centralized server for Creepts
  • Issue the Staking contract.
  • Releasing the Linux Destination Server Interface (“HTIF”) Driver for Roll-ups.

Year 2020 quarter 3

  • Release of Proof-of-Stake prototype.
  • Release the tournament API documentation.
  • Releases Google Premium Remote Procedure Call (“GRPC”) for Roll-ups.
  • Reassess infrastructure.
  • Launch exploit on Testnet.

Year 2020 Quarter 4

  • Redesigned test infrastructure.
  • Launch mining on Mainnet
  • Issue GRPC P2P service
  • Release of a Roll-ups contract.

Year 2021 Quarter 1

  • To issue Cartes Roll-up
  • Infrastructure rework.
  • Test and test the Cartesi Side Chain.

Update development roadmap 2020 onwards

Year 2021 Quarter 2

  • Launch of Cartesi Side Chain on Testnet
  • Conducting new infrastructure relocation.
  • Test conducted using the actual Cartesi Side Chain.

Year 2021 Quarter 3

  • Launch of the Cartesi Side Chain on Mainnet.
  • Proceeding the Cartesi Side Chain error bonus.

Cartesi 2020 operations

January 2020

  • Launch of Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese and Korean telegram communities.
  • Launch of the Community Adoption Program, which rewards community members who actively promote the Cartesi ecosystem.

February 2020

  • NewFang Collaboration Announced: A Decentralized Storage Platform
  • Launch of the first tower defense game, Creepts, Cartes dApp on Rinkeby Testnet.

March 2020

  • Creepts community leagues.
  • Cartesi AMA is organized by Cryptoverse India

Data in transactions

CTSI tokens have not been actively traded on any exchanges as of the publication date of this report – Token will be available on Binance Launchpad.

Technical overview

Public big data warehouse on Github:

  • Cartesi Machine Emulator: is an off-chain implementation referenced by the Cartesi Machine Specification.
  • Robust simulation of Cartesi RISC-V: is the on-chain host deployment of the Cartesi Machine Specification.
  • GRPC interface: Cartesi’s gRPC interface repository contains all the gRPC and Protobuf definitions used in the gRPC interfaces of the Cartesi Project modules.
  • Arbitration-dlib: offline and online
  • Creeepts dApp: House crafting game

Should you invest in Cartesi?

In the Cartesi ecosystem there are many new terms like Dapps, or some technical terms you should learn carefully and then decide to use your money offline. This is a very sensitive question so I want you to decide with your own money and take responsibility for your choices.

How to make a profit from the Cartesi project

  • Join the Cartesi network to make a profit
  • Participate in Creepts Test Launch & High Score DApp Contest.

The Cartesi project on Binance Launchpad

  • Name: Cartesi (CTSI)
  • Launchpad Cap: 1,500,000 USD
  • Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 CTSI
  • Total tokens allocated to Binance Launchpad: 100,000,000 CTSI (10% of total token supply)
  • Public token sale price: 1 CTSI = 0.015 USD (price in BNB will be determined before the lottery draw date)
  • Token sale format: Lottery
  • Maximum number of winning lottery tickets: 7,500
  • Allocation for each winning ticket: 200 USD (13,333.33 CTSI)
  • Supported sessions: Only BNB

Launchpad sale details of Cartesi token

How long you need to know to buy tokens

  • During the period from 7 a.m. to April 14, 2020 to 7 a.m. Your average daily BNB balance over these 7 days will determine how many tickets you can claim.
  • at 1pm on April 21, 2020: Ticket claim will open at this time for all eligible users during a 24-hour period. User must also sign a Token Purchase Agreement at the same time, prior to completing the ticket request. Please note that users will only be able to request a ticket once.
  • At 1pm on 04/22/2020: Ticket claim will close and the lottery begins.
  • At 2 p.m. on April 22, 2020: The winning ticket will be announced by Binance and the corresponding BNB will be automatically deducted from each winning user’s account. Please ensure you have enough BNB in ​​your spot exchange account to get deducted by the system within 24 hours if you have a chance to win. Please note that BNB on open orders, margin accounts, loan products, sub accounts, futures or P2P accounts will not be eligible for the deduction.

I have converted the above timeframes into Vietnamese time!

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