Casio launches G-Shock GSW-H1000 smartwatch with 2 screens, up to 200m water resistant, priced from 16.1 million

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2021-04-02 10:02:12

(CHK) GSW-H1000, which owns the unique durable design of the G-Shock series with smart technology from Google’s operating system.

Casio just released the GSW-H1000 from the famous G-Shock line. True to the tradition of the G-Shock series, the new timepiece is designed to withstand the toughest of environmental conditions. The device’s water resistance up to 200 meters far exceeds current water resistance standards of popular smartwatches on the market.

The GSW-H1000 has two layers of screen (photo: Casio)

Casio has teamed up with Google to bring WearOS to the GSW-H1000 to take advantage of Google’s powerful ecosystem. With WearOS, users can interact with Google’s virtual assistant and install applications for more convenient device control.

Included with the device is a series of sensor systems including GPS navigation, gyroscope sensor, compass, altitude, barometer and heart rate sensor to help monitor health as well as training progress. practice, play sports.

Devices use Google WatchOS.

As a watch that caters to the adventurous and adventurous, the battery is an issue that is quite noticeable by Casio. The GSW-H1000 uses two separate layers of screen, one layer with black and white and one layer of color screen. With black and white screen users can use continuously for 45 days. While using the color screen will be 36 hours. But to fully charge the device will only take about 3 hours.

The GSW-H1000 will come in four colors.

Users can use the GSW-H1000 to play the most extreme sports such as skydiving, surfing, and scuba diving. However, with GPS and heart rate sensor, the device can still be used well to track the practice of simpler sports such as running, gym.

Expected, GSW-H1000 will retail price from 699 USD in the US with four colors red, blue and black.


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