Cats absolutely hate that you stay at home with them all day during social distancing

Cats absolutely hate that you stay at home with them all day during social distancing

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2021-07-13 13:16:54

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives, but it also means that more people are able to spend time with their family members than ever before, which includes things like personal care. beloved foster. However, even if you’re happy to be with your pet all day, it’s possible that they hate it, at least for cats.

According to a new study from James Cook University researchers in Australia, cats are actually scared when their owners spend more time at home. One survey found that more people staying at home make dogs happy, but some cats wish you would leave them out of sight.

The team interviewed about 400 pet owners living alone in quarantine, and found that half of the cat owners believed their cats were annoyed by them being at home with them. them throughout the day, invading their personal space and alone time. They begin to behave coldly towards their owners.

Dr. Jessica Oliva, a psychology lecturer, said of the study results: “About 50% of cat owners report that their cats behave in unpleasant ways. While nearly 100% of dog owners say their dogs love being at home.”

Dr Oliva added: “A dog is a reason to go out and exercise and make that habit, and doing so provides an opportunity to socialize with others who are doing the same thing. We don’t see that in other people. cat owners.”

Cats really hate that you stay at home with them all day during social distancing - Photo 2.

An article from The Wall Street Journal with dogs suggests Americans forever work from home and cats call for immediate work.

Plus, being around pets has improved owners’ moods during the peak of the pandemic. However, while dog owners report that their loneliness subsides after spending time with their pets, cat owners don’t show the same level of affection for their cats, according to the study.

Dr. Oliva believes that some pets are simply not used to the lifestyle changes caused by quarantine: “Our pets often live in luxurious conditions, they have a warm bed, they have toys for entertainment, coats for the winter. But they lack certain freedoms, freedoms. that we lost during the quarantine – the freedom to come and go as we please, the freedom to socialize, to exercise limited to an hour a day.”

Reference: CNET

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