Caviar launches limited edition Galaxy S22, priced from 157 million VND

Caviar launches limited edition Galaxy S22, priced from 157 million VND


2022-03-04 02:30:48

(CHK) Caviar has just introduced 6 sets of Galaxy S22 Series super sets with prices from 157 million VND.

Caviar is known as a company specializing in luxury smartphones. In 2021, the company launched Galaxy S21 Ultra priced at 77,000 USD (1.7 billion VND) or Galaxy Z Flip 3 for more than 46,000 USD (more than 1 billion VND). Recently, the company has continued to launch a limited Galaxy S22 series, making many people admire. The new collection includes 6 different designs with many high-quality materials such as: crocodile skin, 24K gold, titanium,…etc.


Caviar’s Galaxy S22 series is inspired by the Bird of Prey and Ocelot collection, inlaid with 24K gold. It is known that Caviar was inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco trends of the 19th and 20th centuries.


If you don’t love this style, Caviar has a Galaxy S22 collection called Drive inspired by the design of iconic sports cars from the 1920s and 1930s.



Or Gatsby Great with 3D geometric motifs on a gilded alloy background, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s best-selling novel and Victory with its black alligator leader and titanium PVD.


Users can also order other options of the Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22 Plus at a more “comfortable” price. Caviar will not produce more than 99 devices from each version to keep their exclusivity. As for the price, Caviar is currently taking pre-orders for these Galaxy S22 phones with prices starting at $6,900. (157 million VND).

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