Caviar puts meteorites and gold plated on the back of iPhone 13 Pro

Caviar puts meteorites and gold plated on the back of iPhone 13 Pro


2021-06-24 01:49:33

(CHK) Although not yet launched, the iPhone 13 Pro has a gold-plated render and places precious meteorites on the back.

Until now, Caviar is known for creating luxury smartphone versions covered with as many precious metals and gems as possible. The company’s latest product line has a universe theme and it will become a reality as soon as the iPhone 13 launches.

This combination of Apple and Caviar will split into two versions, the first version will be covered with black titanium, a material used in the space industry. The gold version also features double gold trim (999 gold, 7 microns thick) and starts at $14,290. The Titanium model is more affordable at $12,750.

The rear design of these phones is as the name suggests with representations of the six planets from Mercury to Saturn along with several moons such as Phobos and Deimos of the Moon and Mars. Some of these (such as the Moon and Mars) are rendered more than just stylized images.

Both designs feature pieces of six meteorites embedded in the back – one from the Moon, one from Mars, plus two pieces from the Tsarev meteorite and the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Next is a mechanical watch with a tourbillon movement with 19 stones.

There are two more designs made in black titanium but with gold trim. One is called Starfall (starting at $6,950), the other is Moon and Sun ($7,030). Each session will only have 99 pieces.


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