Celebrities, KOLs make money from selling content through NFT technology

Celebrities, KOLs make money from selling content through NFT technology


2021-08-18 01:48:37

However, within the framework of this article, it shows that NFT has many wider applications in the field of content creation (content creation) on today’s popular platforms such as: Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Livestream, Twitter , …

What is NFT?

NFT (Non-fungible token) is a type of digital asset that uses blockchain technology (block chain) to create a unique chain of code that represents a certain item and cannot be replaced. These codes are often used to identify digital versions of works of art, songs, or internet phenomena.

In essence, the NFT gives you an encrypted chunk, asserting that you are the sole owner of any digital assets to which the NFT is linked. For example, these assets can be digital images, MVs, songs, tiktok clips, instagram stories, etc… even more abstract things like intellectual property rights, or policies insurance. After attaching NFT, you can completely sell these intellectual products on the NFT exchanges (Marketplace) as a normal item.

NFTs are purchased through Marketplaces, or through online auctions, and are paid for in USD or other currencies. NFT suddenly became a craze recently after a series of digital art works were sold for millions of dollars and celebrities, artists, and technology moguls raced to enter this market.

How do content creators make money from applying NFT to their products?

Today, the vast majority of famous content creators have 2 main sources of income: direct revenue from sharing advertising profits from platforms like Youtube, indirect revenue from becoming KOLs, influencers for brands and marketing campaigns.

However, technology is constantly evolving, NFT was born to help content creators directly commercialize their art products, while continuing to make money from direct & indirect revenue sources such as before now.

All products on the digital platform can be sold, from a hundred million-view MV of singers, or clips introducing tourist destinations of travel bloggers, or wedding clips of celebrities. Famous stars, including the luxurious stories of KOLs, … all can be turned into NFT products, which are sold by the owner on NFT floors for the whole world to collect & exchange. In other words, NFT helps content creators export their products to the world automatically & transparently.

You can completely sit at home, silently collect content from your favorite celebrities, and then anonymously sell it to other brokers or fans, for a profit. huge profits without meeting or signing a contract.

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A work in the digital collection called “WarNymph” by Grimes – singer and girlfriend of Tesla boss Elon Musk has brought in more than $ 5.8 million in less than 20 minutes.

Which NFT market is suitable for Vietnamese people?

The Uquid e-commerce platform aims to combine the best elements from the world of Decentralized Finance and NFTs. At Uquid, there are millions of items, from video games and software, to products that incorporate NFT technology (NFT for short).

Recently, Uquid launched its own NFT marketplace. Until now, in addition to Opensea, Foundation is known as NFT floors specializing in digital art products, while Uquid is the pioneer NFT platform to support content creators such as YouTuber, TikToker, livestreamer and influencers on social networks. Others can sell NFT products & the fastest liquidity in the world.

Uquid has created an extremely simple and more efficient process to create and sell NFT products without requiring a crypto wallet, accepting the use of different coins for payment. Moreover, Uquid has further developed Vietnamese language to support all artists, KOLs, influencers, content creators can access NFT technology easily, anyone can create 1 NFT product on Marketplace of Uquid in just 5 minutes.

Learn more at: https://nft.uquid.com/

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