Celo (CELO) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Complete set of virtual currencies CELO

Celo (CELO) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Complete set of virtual currencies CELO


2021-03-24 02:59:21

Celo (CELO) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Celo is an open platform that supports a variety of distributed applications, developing smart contracts and payments using e-mail addresses and phone numbers as public keys.

Celo’s aim is to empower anyone with a smartphone anywhere in the world access to financial services, send money to phone numbers, and pay merchants.

The project aims to be a decentralized platform that is not controlled by any single entity but instead developed, upgraded and operated by a large community of individuals, organizations and partners.

Project’s outstanding features

Currency has stable value

Celo supports many stable currencies tied to fiat currencies such as USD. Convenience for using Celo as a means of payment.

An account is associated with a phone number

Enabling wallet users to send and receive payments with their existing contacts is simple.

Transaction fees in any currency

Transaction fees can be paid in stable currencies. Therefore there is no need to manage balances of different currencies.

Synchronization is instant even on slow connections

Fast, secure synchronization. Even high latency, low bandwidth wallet users can use Celo.


Use proof of stake (PoS). Users can make transactions cheaper, faster, and the results cannot be changed once completed.

Full Node

Celo offers incentives for running full-nodes to serve lightweight clients running on each mobile device. Users earn cryptocurrency in exchange for providing computing resources without staking

On-chain Governance

Support quick upgrade and protocol change through on-chain governance. All crypto owners can participate.

Full EVM compatible

Celo includes a programmable smart contract platform that is compatible with EVM. Allow Celo to provide rich features to its users. Supports a diverse ecosystem of third-party applications and extensions.


Users have full access to and control over money and key accounts. Do not depend on a third party for payment.

Celo Assets

The project’s mission is to create a future where financial systems are borderless and accessible, leading to prosperity for all.

Celo offers two crypto assets, CELO and cUSD (Celo Dollar).

CELO is the core asset and core utility, the governance mechanism, reserve and staking for the Celo platform. CELO allows users to have a say about how the platform evolves and evolves over time.

CELO has a fixed supply and variable value relative to the total value of the stablecoin circulating throughout the ecosystem. CELOs also play a core role in the platform’s stabilization mechanism, automatically adjusting the supply of circulating stablecoins to help keep their prices as close to their target value as possible.

What is cUSD?

cUSD, or Celo Dollars, is a stablecoin that allows users to buy goods, send money to anyone, pay bills and even borrow money directly from their smartphone as easily as sending a text message.

With Celo Dollars, users can contribute to activities that interest them. Or offer a small loan for small businesses. As an open platform, any business or organization has easy access to a wide range of mobile-first financial solutions. allows them to accept payments from anyone in the world.

Basic information about CELO copper

Ticker CELO
Blockchain blockchain CELO
Token Standard Governance, Unility
Token type https://explorer.celo.org/blocks
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 CELO
Circulation supply

124,447,717 CELO

Token allocation

After the release of the Mainnet, 600 million tokens will be allocated. 400 million additional will survive through era rewards.

Total supply is 1 billion tokens, including 6 main groups, with an estimated amount as follows:

  • Pre-launch sales purchasers: 12.5%
  • Protocol contributors: 18.5%
  • Staking & validator rewards, excluding on-chain community fund: 30%
  • Community grants including on-chain community fund: 19.5%
  • Operational grants: 7.5%
  • Initial reserve: 12%

allocate celo token

The breakdown below estimates each month from mainnet release through 2050. These amounts give the best predicted and estimated expected distributions.

allocation of celo token 02

CELO token issuance schedule

  • Pre-launch sale: Unlock 52%
  • Private sale round 1: $ 0.18 / CELO with deliveries scheduled for 24 monthly increases. There is a possibility of delaying any delivery for up to 1 year. But with the requirement that all funds will be distributed by the end of year 5.
  • Private sale round 2: 1 USD / CELO, with a 25% discount for those who buy a lock for an additional 3 years beyond the 1 year lock period. A return of reserves can be waived in case a mainnet release has not occurred.
  • Protocol contributors: Unlock 16%
  • Staking & validator rewards, excluding on-chain community fund: Unlock 4%
  • Community grants including on-chain community fund: Unlock 10%
  • Operational grants: unlock 5%
  • Initial reserve: 50%

For details about unlocking tokens in the first year, please refer to the illustrations below.

celo release schedule

What floor is CELO traded?

You can sign up for an account and buy CELO at Bittrex, OKEx, Hoo.

In addition, on May 1, 2021 Binance will list CELO and open trading. You can buy it on Binance for easy.

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Safe storage wallet for CELO coin

You can store it on the floor where you bought it. Remember to turn on full security. Or Celo has its own wallet, which is a mobile wallet.

Celo’s future


There are obvious reasons that Celo wants to be one of the first highly secure, mobile-friendly blockchain networks. They are focused on improving financial inclusion in parts of the world that have traditionally been overlooked. It is for this reason that the mobile application plays an important role in this network.

For starters, it is well known that many of the poorest regions of the world have turned to mobile phones to stay ahead of the technology. Not only that, but the amount of value that is being transferred to mobile devices is increasing every year.

So Celo is very much looking forward to in the future.


Collaborators work from all over the world. Collective experiences range from public and private sectors, technology, nonprofits and NGOs.

contributor celo

Early Backer

Supported by more than 80 companies and individuals. Includes well-known venture funds, C-level executives, academics and experts in a wide range of fields.

There are prominent names such as Coinbase, Lake star, …

earky backer

Should you invest in CELO?

Hopefully, the above detailed assessment will partly help you get a good investment plan for CELO.

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