Chain of Alliance launches limited mobile game version

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2022-08-07 13:51:39

In order to increase communication and consistent updates for the community, Chain of Alliance is excited to share information and upcoming project plans.

Chain of Alliance launches limited mobile version

As teased, the mobile version of the Chain of Alliance game has officially aired, but currently only those who hold the alliance badge have access to this version.

Chain of Alliance will perform stress testing on this first mobile version, gather feedback, and move forward to releasing it to the general public in the near future.

Learn how to play Chain of Alliance on the BAS Testnet at this. To gain membership to badge holders’ exclusive Discord channels, please verify user ownership at channel ✅-verify-badge-ownership channel.

Here are some of the Chain of Alliance characters that will be available on the mobile version.

About Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is a strategic role-playing game based on a sci-fi plot with NFT. Here, players can together with teammates can fight other players or AI monsters to win valuable loot.

Learn more about Chain of Alliance: Website | Twitter | Discord

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