ChainGuardians (CGG) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Everything you need to know about CGG

ChainGuardians (CGG) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Everything you need to know about CGG

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2021-04-20 03:42:59

What is ChainGuardians?

CGG (ChainGuardians) is a platform that combines traditional gaming and blockchain technology to realize a player-controlled economy.

A special feature in the ChainGuardians ecosystem, players can both join mining platforms NFT free while playing role-playing games.

All of these help players earn income as well as turn time and energy into tangible profits.

Why choose CGG?

Diverse game experience:

The next gaming experience, slated to be released as MVP or Alpha in Q4 2021, is the 3D PvP game scenario. Here, players can look forward to fighting scenarios with their content similar to traditional fighting games, such as Tekken or Street Fighter.

In the ChainGuardians ecosystem there are currently two ways to play and earn tokens: our NFT mining platform and Role Playing Games (Beta).

The NFT mining platform is widely recognized in the space blockchain game as an innovative experience that allows users to put their assets in to earn tokens.

The platform can be likened to an idle game where users choose their NFT and send them to groups to earn in-game credits.

In return, the credits are redeemable for governance tokens, which can be used to influence key ecosystem design decisions, buy other NFTs, and more.

What is CGG Token?

The ChainGuardians (CGG) governance token is an ERC-20 token that serves as the foundation of the ChainGuardians ecosystem. They can be used for:

  • Governance: submit proposals and vote on change ecosystem design
  • Place a bet: earn rewards like a strong NFT
  • Payment: buy property, items, and in-game consumables

The purpose of the CGG token is:

  • Empower users to make important decisions towards the ChainGuardians Ecosystem
  • Reward players for actively participating in the ChainGuardians ecosystem
  • Encourage users to interact with the use case of tokens and redeem rewards

What is CCG Token used for?

– Earn rewards like unique NFTs and partner tokens
– Lock the token code and earn APY
– Provide liquidity and earn POWER LPT

– Submit proposal for ecosystem design change
– Vote on proposals submitted by community members

– Earn revenue sharing through token redemption
– Buy NFT and collectable merchandise

Mechanism of game play

ChainGuardians is a continuous multi-world turn-based real-time strategy game which combines coveted rewards and a transparent economy. Player rewards are driven by both player purchases and through participation in games within the CGG ecosystem.

The defenders will be able to join forces to destroy opposing forces and GateKeepers to gain: strength, credit, weapons and even develop powerful worlds of their own.

ChainGuardians is a player-controlled turn-based fighting game that is active in real time. While in idling mode (when the player is not online), AI-based enhances the battles that can take place due to the Defender’s attributes. Battles can take place in the world of Bitcoin or extend to the world of Ethereum, Dash, and beyond.


The player base for blockchain games has steadily increased as blockchain adoption has grown rapidly. 2021 is the year of the NFTs. As game firms continuously release games with innovative ways of playing, blockchain games will become more and more prominent in the coming years.

It is clear that as the demand for blockchain games increases, so do players. They always want a game that is balanced, engaging and responsive in terms of time. Many blockchain games have unique and promising ideas but often stall for a long time.

Growth factors

Factors for sustainable growth of the ChainGuardians ecosystem include:

  • An environment where new players can easily join the game
  • Develop interesting games and methods of play
  • The prices of the items and the power are balanced accordingly
  • The balances of ‘Pay To Win’ and ‘Play to Win’ are just right to be exact

The ChainGuardians team intends to achieve this through the following methods:

  • Focus on late game content development with advancements in playability
  • Receive regular feedback from the community and governance suggestions / votes
  • Multiple game modes including: PvP, PvE and cooperative player versus raid environment
  • Thoroughly balanced Guardians, lower ranked characters, items and economy.
  • Continue to evolve the combat meta and balance the ‘elemental’ type
  • Introducing exciting new game experiences
  • ‘Loyalty system’
  • Thoroughly check in game, balance and simulation
  • Whitelisting to prevent bots and create too many accounts
  • Events and competitions

CGG Tokenomics

CGG Key Metrics

  • Token name: LKR
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Intial Circulating Suply: 14.196.129
  • Total Suply: 120,000,000
  • Contract: 0x1fe24f25b1cf609b9c4e7e12d802e3640dfa5e43

Token Allocation

CGG Allocation

Token Release Schedule

cgg-token-release schedule
CGG Token Release

Token Sale

Public Sale 1,800,000 for $ 0.12


EMMA LIU – CO FOUNDER / CEO: A professional management consultant with over 20 years of experience in both public and private sectors. He has extensive experience in managing projects worth millions of dollars

ROBBIE COCHRANE – CO FOUNDER / COO: A famous businessman, educator, leader and inspirator. He holds a master’s degree in Scriptwriting (MA) and background in journalism (BA), media, and content.

DON LIU -CO FOUNDER / CTO: You’re called professor NFT. A seasoned businessman and blockchain veteran. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the top 500 Fortune technology companies.


CGG Investor

Technology partner

CGG Technology partner

Future evaluation of ChainGuardians

CGG is an ecosystem that combines blockchain-based games with many attractive gameplay and combined with NFT to help users enjoy playing games while making profits.

With many major technology partners such as Elrond, Chainlink, Opensea and the big funds behind such as AU21, Moonrock, CGG’s growth potential is very feasible.

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