Chainlink is now live on the Terra testnet (LUNA)

Chainlink is now live on the Terra testnet (LUNA)

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2021-10-28 20:51:07

The Chainlink price feed, which is considered the most widely trusted solution in the market, has now appeared on the testnet of the giant Terra (LUNA).

Chainlink is now live on the Terra testnet (LUNA)

As soon as “docking” with Cosmos IBC (ATOM), Terra continues to show its ambition by integrating with another big man, Chainlink (LINK), to improve access to reference data. High quality, tamper-proof pricing on a wide variety of content.

Chainlink has become the industry standard solution for decentralized pricing goals, offering easily integrated pricing DeFi projects backed by high-quality data and strong backend infrastructure proven to be resilient to volatile market conditions and severe network congestion.

Additionally, by running on Terra’s high-throughput blockchain, Chainlink’s data engine is not dependent on other blockchains and thus will support low-latency price updates at reduced costs to meet the needs of scalable DeFi applications.

Terra (LUNA) is an application-specific blockchain built on top of the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus. The Terra protocol implements a set of algorithmically tied, stablecoins that underpin a thriving DeFi ecosystem within the ecosystem like Anchor, CHAI, and Mirror Protocol.

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The initial Chainlink price feed set that will be available on the Terra testnet includes BTC, ETH, UST, LUNA, LINK, etc., with plans to continuously launch more data sources as required by the Terra ecosystem. The Terra-Chainlink integration is given to blockchain development and consulting firm is in the process of implementing Chainlink oracle on Terra mainnet for use in the near future.

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