Charity NFT Auction

Charity NFT Auction

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2022-02-06 23:27:26

It is known that female martial artists Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi under ‘Cocky Buffalo Promotion’ As a child, he had to make a living selling lottery tickets. But despite the difficult circumstances, she worked hard to achieve her dream of becoming Vietnam’s first women’s world boxing champion. To honor this story of overcoming difficulties, 6 NFTs have been launched and are expected to be offered for special sale in a charity auction organized by sponsor ‘Fandom (CRTR)’.

These six NFTs are pixel art featuring images of Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi under the following themes▲ The Girl Who Brings Luck, ▲ If You Have a Will, ▲ Asian Champion, ▲ Title Match, ▲ Home world champion, ▲ The power of effort. Successful bidders of these NFTs will receive the shorts, boxing shoes, boxing gown, gloves and sports bra that Thu Nhi wore during the world championship match. In particular, the NFT titled ‘The Girl Who Brings Luck’ will be released into 99 versions representing Vietnam’s lucky number 9.

Cocky Buffalo Promotion is the most influential boxing organization in Vietnam. CEO Kim Sang Beom not only trained professional boxers for the first time in the field, but also organized a number of international competitions. They even produced 4 Asian champions in 4 years.

This charity auction will be held from 00:00, November 29, 2021 to 11:59 December 5, 2021 (GMT+7). Details of the auction can be found on the channel YouTube and official TikTok of ‘Cocky Buffalo Promotion’. In addition, match sponsor Fandom Foundation( has announced that the proceeds from this charity auction will be donated to charities.

  • Time to register for whitelist: 11/23/2021 – 12/05/2021
  • Whitelist registration location:
  • A total of $9,900 worth of BNB will be distributed to 330 random lucky people if whitelisting

About the Fandom Foundation, which is a platform for creators that opens up a space for short-form content creation; allows users to generate revenue from content. In particular, the fandom’s NFT Marketplace will add value to the content by NFTizing the individual content of both creators.

Contact Info

Fandom Foundation
Contact: Anna Bittner
Phone number: +1(916)941-5426
Email: [email protected]
Address: Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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